Sunday, June 30, 2013

~ Colette Beignet ~

I fell in love with the look of the Beignet many moons ago.  The high waist, front buttons, and panels all appealed to me. I was also excited because Colette patterns are made to fit pear shapes so I assumed it would fit me better than the Big 4 patterns do.

The skirt pattern has tons of pieces ~ I think 12?  Either way it is a lot of cutting.  I cut skirt fabric, interfacing, and this sweet yellow lining to contrast my bright blue fabric.  I was so excited!!

Colette's instructions are amazing.  They detail exactly everything you need to do to be successful in creating a RTW looking skirt.  My measurements fit exactly in the size 12 range.  I wear a 10 in RTW clothing.  The pattern didn't list ease but with all the great pictures I've seen, the skirt is close fitting.

After I sewed the front panels and tried it on, I knew massive altercations would be needed.  The skirt was extremely baggy and not figure sculpting as intended.  I took out a little more than THREE inches total in the back and side panels.  I also had to re-draw some of the curve shaping.  In the end I had frankensteined the pattern so much there was no way to replicate it for the lining to fit properly - I'm honestly surprised that I even got the facing to fit correctly.  I think if I sew again I will try a size 10 or even an 8!

The buttonholes and buttons are a pain to put on - I knew this would be ahead of time so I was prepared.  Putting on the skirt with all those buttons is also a pain even though you only have to open 5 of them to slip in.  If I attempt this skirt again I'll opt to do fake button front and slip in an invisible side zipper.

I didn't add the belt loops but may go back and do so.

I do like the final look of the skirt but the work to get there wasn't so enjoyable.  Also, my fabric choice wasn't so good because no matter what I do I can't get the seams to iron out correctly thus I have puckering and such.  Also, I have a snag near the 4th or 5th button from when I was constantly pining and unpinning in fitting.

Fabric: 1.5 yards of Microfiber Twill Solid Royal Blue (100% polyester - I really prefer natural fibers but I was desperate to have this color to try this skirt with).  $8.90
And even though I didn't use it, my lining is cut up with the pattern so not usable anymore
1.25 yards China Silk Polyester Lining Sunflower $3.17
Black Buttons: $1.00

Total for skirt: $13.07

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

4th of July Dress ~ New Look 6613

I originally made this dress April 2013 during the pattern stash busting challenge.  I enjoyed the swiftness of a finished product and wanted to do something similar for Miss K's 4th of July dress - which she insisted on having and picked out the fabric herself.

I stayed with View A/B in a straight size 8 for Miss K who wears a size 8 in RTW.  There are only 3 pattern pieces for this dress which is nice; one for the band, one for the bodice and one for the skirt.  The bodice is lined and the back of the dress has elastic gathers.   The dress turned out cute with a contrasting bodice and elastic band.  It also fits perfectly.
Front of dress

The instructions are easy to understand and I had no issues.  I again chose not to add bows, ribbon, or lace trimmings because Miss K doesn't like them.
Back of dress

Fabric: The pattern calls for 2 1/8 yard of 45" wide but I eeked it out of 2 yards just fine.  I had to do some strategic placing of the bodice pieces and band piece within the 1/2 yard of strips because they all have to be on the fold.

Owls: Timeless Treasures Patriotic Owls Blue: 1.5 yards $11.73
Stripes: Freedom Star Stripes Celebrations Red/White/Blue: 0.5 yard $3.39
Total for the dress: $15.12 - a bit much for a one day dress but I'm sure K will wear it all summer.  After these pictures were taken she refused to take it off; also, she was dead set on those owls and wouldn't hear of another, cheaper, fabric.

I love this dress too!  K will rock it on the 4th which also happens to be her dad's birthday.  Someday I'll tackle other views of this dress because it is so fast and lovely.  The full skirt really makes the dress - it is perfect for twirling.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shorts on the Line ~ Ottobre 6/2011, Pattern #37

While on vacation last week I realized it was time for one of my favorite sew-along challenges "Shorts on the Line!"  I was pretty sad thinking I wouldn't be able to be back in time to make some cute shorts I had envisioned in my mind; however, entries are accepted until July! Yay!

The family laughed at me all the way back from Oklahoma because I was testing out options in my mind for the shorts I wanted to achieve.  I wanted to use the leftover PacMan fabric from T's bathrobe and add red piping but didn't have enough fabric :(

I went diving into my stash and found this summery Stretch Yarn Dyed Cotton Shirting in Plaid Turquoise/White.  It is 98% cotton 2% Lycra.

It met the softness test for Mr. T and I had just enough with 1.5 yards.  I bought it from back in April 2012 for a total of $5.07.

I used Ottobre 06/2011 Pattern #37 because it is one of my favorites.  I like how it looks and I knew I could modify it to the shorts I wanted. Previously I had made blue check pjs, planet pjs, and terrycloth pjs out of this pattern.  T likes the longer "skater" style in the shorts.

I traced a size 146 this time instead of a 140 because the other 3 pjs are getting a tad small.  Then I put my medical exam paper over the front shorts pattern piece and traced out the pockets I wanted on the front - and added appropriate seam allowances.

Everything worked out smoothly and I had no problems.  I didn't look at the instructions because I've sewn them enough to know what they say.  I love the piping details I added; they make the shorts a bit special.

Mr. T walked in mid sewing and said "Whoa, those will be like awesome mom" and walked out.  I had to smile.

And we are slowly adjusting to back home-ness from our 2 trips a month apart. Whew! It was fun but exhausting.

Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Aquarium

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another road trip?

Yes it is true, we are heading out in the morning for yet another road trip.  I guess the one to Florida in May wasn't enough! Actually our really good friends are getting married and my husband is the best man so we had better show up!  This time we rented a car so no vehicle break-downs will slow us down.

We are going to be in Oklahoma for about a week.

When we return I hope to get going on my Beignet Skirt by Colette Patterns. I'm super excited to give it a go.  I'll let you know when I get it finished.

Until then,
Happy Sewing!
~ Kristin ~

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Loveliness ~ Simplicity 9902

I wanted to sew this vintage jumper for Miss K for the last year and a half but she wouldn't fit in it then.  I waited so patiently for her to grow just one size so it would fit.  Every few months I would glance at the pattern and sigh.  I picked up this fabric so long ago at Hancock and knew it would work perfect for this 70s inspired dress.


I love vintage patterns.  Love them so much!  Whether they are from the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s I dig them all.  It is so cool to see the fashions of the times.  It is even cooler to be able to sew new garments from old patterns! Time warp at its best.

Vintage patterns rock because they are so detailed and explain things so wonderfully in the instructions.  They do not disappoint.  I really haven't had a head scratching moment when sewing a vintage pattern... not like when I sew current ones.

Time to sew: 3 hours
After I took this picture I noticed how well I matched the from halves.  How the heck did I do that? Awesome!

I love that this dress has darts, for a girl!  There are front darts and back neck darts.  I went with contrasting fabric for the collar and pockets.  I stayed true to the pattern and followed all the instructions.  I don't dig the neck and armhole facings.  Facings suck honestly, but mostly because I don't like to hand sew - so slip stitching is not what I like to do.  I used very lightweight stay tape to keep the suckers down. shh.

First time sewing a collar. Even though this one did not stand up.  I was slightly confused it didn't match each end at first, until I realized it wasn't supposed to and that there is a gap there.

Miss K is shorter than most 10 year olds because she is only 7 - so the dress is longer on her than in the picture.  This is great because K wants it longer and I enjoy it longer too.

Fabric: Picked up Sept 15, 2012 "Gypsy Song" Green Floral. on sale for $1.79 a yard!!! I used almost the whole 2 yards so the dress cost less than $5 after zipper and contrasting fabric.

I was only allowed to take pictures of the dress on Miss K if she got to be on the trampoline. Sounded like a good enough deal to me. 

The fit is great

The back is so cute

I love this walking shot - it makes me think 70s for some weird reason
 Those darn bugs even end up on the trampoline

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Friday, June 14, 2013

"The 5 Skirts" or How you know you LOVE a pattern too much.....

So this last Sunday I made a jersey knit skirt with the Ottobre ZigZag skirt pattern from issue 03/2013 #30.
I exclaimed my love of the simple pattern and how Miss K needed bottoms around here for summer.  Well I went a bit overboard. . . :-)

I loved the jersey skirt a little too much and over the week thought about how little material is used to make these cuties.  Then Wednesday night I dug into my fabric scraps and as I dug further and further I found so many cute fabrics to make this skirt with.  Well I had to stop myself at 5.  All 5 are woven skirts too and I was itching to see how well the woven skirt looked as opposed to the knit one.

And, I LOVE them all!
My small fuzzy helper was with me the whole way
 She wasn't impressed with my singing though.

I ran out of clear elastic so I had to try the gathering foot on my serger
 Holy buckets was it fast and easy to make ruffles with that thing!
 lots and lots of ruffles.  there are 10 panels total for the 5 skirts (a front and a back each)

I serged all raw edges on these puppies and used the fast method of fold and press, fold again and press for the double hem on the bottoms.

And here they are!

Kitty Fabric left over from this tiered dress back in March, 2012; Pink Polka Dots from May 2012 Skirt
Puppy Fabric left over from Jan 2012 pillow project and May 2012 skirt  Blue fabric I hadn't used yet 
Green floral from June 2012 tiered sundress Black from my April 2013 Tank
Purple Floral from 2013 Easter Dress Green Check from May 2012 Skirt
Both Pink Floral and Blue fabric from recent June 2013 dress

Obsessive? Maybe.  Too much? Quite possibly. Scrap Busting? For sure!  These are cute, fast, easy and wicked cheap.  K now has some bottoms to choose from this summer.  Yay!

Here is Miss K wearing one of the skirts.  Asking her to try on more than one is not possible; plus she has a cold so is not feeling well.

"There is a bee mom, I'm not standing by the flowers"
"It's way to sunny here mom"
 "Mom, can we be done?"

 That little bottom ruffle just makes me smile in the heart. 
Comfy elastic waist

I think I'll leave the pattern alone for a bit now.  But I'll pick it up again in the fall! Each skirt only cost about a dollar or so.  Yay!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~