Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ottobre 01/2008 # 34 "Flipper" Sweatpants

I started these pants before vacation and things were going smoothly.  Mr. T loves my fuzzy lounge pants and asked for a pair.

I traced and cut a 152 for Mr. T who is a Skinny Minnie and wears a 10 RTW.  I used a stretchy velour from  1.5 yards of Cotton Blend Velour Navy.

(Very hard to get good pics of these dark Navy pants!)

The instructions are easy to follow.  They start with the pockets.  I didn't have issue with them but the stretchy fabric made the pockets droopy.  I think I should have used some sort of interfacing for them.  I omitted the mock fly - they are way faster to sew without this and T didn't care.

When I got to the waistband; things didn't go well there.  I didn't want to do a drawstring because T is very picky and doesn't like them.  So I was able to omit the steps involving that.  Also, I didn't have any ribbing in a matching color so I used the velour and just made the waistband panel about 4 inches longer.  I wanted elastic within the band and had 3" elastic in my stash.

back view

For some foolish reason I decided to fold the waistband in half and connected both ends to form the circle, inserted the elastic and then stitched 3 rows about 3/4 inches apart around the waistband to hold down the elastic inside.  Technically this would have looked and worked great but I didn't attach the waistband to the pants yet.  That was terrible since the elastic within the band already made the waistband smaller and it didn't want to attach correctly. I walked away here and went on vacation!

droopy pockets (sorry for the funky spot from the sun)

When I got back I seam ripped the whole waistband off and trashed it - there was no saving it.  I recut the same size waistband out of the velour, attached it by stretching it all the way around to fit, leaving a hole for elastic. I didn't have 3" elastic anymore so I used my 1" and threaded it around the top.  I stitched in the ditch  quarter marks around to hold it in place.  Then I top stitched the seam down onto the pants. This seemed to help the floppy pockets a little bit.

For the legs I put in elastic around the bottoms like some sweatpants do - otherwise they were very droopy and wide at the ankles.  Mr. T would have been walking on them all day long.  

T loves them because they are soft.  I am not thrilled with them but I like the design.  I think the pattern needed a more stable, less droopy fabric.  Next time I will try using sweatshirt fleece, terry, or something of the sort.

1.5 yards Velour in Navy: $ 6.11
Some odd cents for thread :-)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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