Sunday, June 30, 2013

~ Colette Beignet ~

I fell in love with the look of the Beignet many moons ago.  The high waist, front buttons, and panels all appealed to me. I was also excited because Colette patterns are made to fit pear shapes so I assumed it would fit me better than the Big 4 patterns do.

The skirt pattern has tons of pieces ~ I think 12?  Either way it is a lot of cutting.  I cut skirt fabric, interfacing, and this sweet yellow lining to contrast my bright blue fabric.  I was so excited!!

Colette's instructions are amazing.  They detail exactly everything you need to do to be successful in creating a RTW looking skirt.  My measurements fit exactly in the size 12 range.  I wear a 10 in RTW clothing.  The pattern didn't list ease but with all the great pictures I've seen, the skirt is close fitting.

After I sewed the front panels and tried it on, I knew massive altercations would be needed.  The skirt was extremely baggy and not figure sculpting as intended.  I took out a little more than THREE inches total in the back and side panels.  I also had to re-draw some of the curve shaping.  In the end I had frankensteined the pattern so much there was no way to replicate it for the lining to fit properly - I'm honestly surprised that I even got the facing to fit correctly.  I think if I sew again I will try a size 10 or even an 8!

The buttonholes and buttons are a pain to put on - I knew this would be ahead of time so I was prepared.  Putting on the skirt with all those buttons is also a pain even though you only have to open 5 of them to slip in.  If I attempt this skirt again I'll opt to do fake button front and slip in an invisible side zipper.

I didn't add the belt loops but may go back and do so.

I do like the final look of the skirt but the work to get there wasn't so enjoyable.  Also, my fabric choice wasn't so good because no matter what I do I can't get the seams to iron out correctly thus I have puckering and such.  Also, I have a snag near the 4th or 5th button from when I was constantly pining and unpinning in fitting.

Fabric: 1.5 yards of Microfiber Twill Solid Royal Blue (100% polyester - I really prefer natural fibers but I was desperate to have this color to try this skirt with).  $8.90
And even though I didn't use it, my lining is cut up with the pattern so not usable anymore
1.25 yards China Silk Polyester Lining Sunflower $3.17
Black Buttons: $1.00

Total for skirt: $13.07

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I've admired this pattern for a long time, too. I think it looks great on you! Hopefully you'll be able to use your frankenpatterned alteration for future versions. Faux buttons and a side-zip are a great idea - it would also eliminate all the gaping that happens between buttons in a skirt.

    Strange about the sizing. I've made two Colette patterns so far (not yet blogged) and the fit was massively different on the two. I wasn't too impressed!

    1. Thanks Joy, sadly I didn't save my modifications but just did them on the fly. I would love to try again with a smaller size first and the faux buttons/side zip thing.

      It is very strange about the sizing. I get so envious of the pattern reviews that say how it fit right out of the envelope :( so far nothing has fit me out of the envelope! lol. Someday, I'll find one though.

      I'm sewing up a sorbetto today - made a muslin first with many alterations. I know you usually make alterations on all your items as well so at least I'm not alone! :)


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