Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jalie 3022 and another Renfrew+

What a whirlwind the last week and a half has been for me!  Mr. T had a band xmas concert, it was lovely. K tested positive for influenza A yesterday, not lovely. I had a follow up mammo that came back clear, lovely. It is my finals week for school and I have a very sick kid, not lovely.  Our furnace started making noise, our water pump thing has been loud, and we had an outlet blow in the bathroom. Is there a full moon or something???  The last 24 hours have been the worst though. Poor K had a fever of 103.5 and no amount of meds was bringing it down :(  My mothering heart was so sad and nervous! Thankfully this morning she woke and the fever had broken. Whew.

However, I did get a bunch of sewing done in the week preceding this one, lol.  Let me show you!

Jalie 3022 has been on my mind ever since I saw the pattern, and then saw Jess of The Sometimes Sewist make a fabulous pair.  I ordered the pattern and then it sat, and sat, and sat, like most patterns in my stash. Last week I had a spur of the moment decision to just sew them up already.

My measurements put me in a Size X (11) hip and T (7) waist but Jalie is always snug so I bumped up to a Size Z (13) waist V (9).  These pants have a ton of topstitching and my coverstitch was being temperamental.  The back pants panel is split into two and creates a super nice curve that hugs the rear end.  Despite the topstitching these go together relatively fast.  There is also elastic in the waistband which I prefer more than just a cotton/lycra band.

 I love these pants!  They are comfy to wear. Nothing is shown when I bend over. The seaming on the back makes a butt look amazing!!

Now the bad: After I had them almost all sewn I found a freaking flaw in the fabric, thanks JoAnn's.  It lands just at the knee and looks like I scuffed them.  Also, it takes a bit to get used to fabric being so close to my crotch. My jeans don't come that close and I feel a tad self-conscious as if camel toe may happen - It doesn't - but I'm conscious of it. And there is a bit of poofy excess fabric at the front top near my hip bones. I have large thighs and then a dip before my hip bone. I will have to take some fabric out here next time.

Fabric: The pattern calls for 2.25 yards but I was able to get by with 2.  Sew Classic Knits Solid Interlock in Black, from JoAnn's in Oct. 2013, at $4.99/yard = $9.98.  This fabric is a nice interlock, beefier and not see through but only 1 way stretch.  It happens to be a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend so I hope it wrinkles less than the other pair I made.

What? Another pair? Yes, a pair for Miss K.  Sizewise she would be an O (11). But I made her a  P (12) with the height of 146 (N) even though she is only 134.  They turned out super cute and her little butt looks cute in them too.  I used an old pair of yoga pants that are huge on me for hers and a scrap of Lillestoff Sweet Days for the lower band.  K hates the band and wants it all one color. Otherwise she loves them.  They are a tad long on her.  Sorry no pics of her in them, she is couch-bound until she is better. Excuse the wrinkles, they were worn before pics.  The fabric is a super stretchy spandex blend and thinner but not see thorough.

Tons of topstitching

Moving on to the Renfrew. Ever since I made my first one just a bit ago I've been scheming to get more fabric for another (and maybe another, lol).  They sure are addicting!

Changes made: added 1/4" to each side of the sleeves because they were a tad tight. Added 1/4" broad back adjustment - I noticed a bit of pulling on my last one because I have super prominent shoulder blades.  Now I can't tell if these changes helped or not because this fabric is very loose and drapey.  It fits different than the cotton/lycra.

I made View C with long sleeves again because I love that cowl.  I wanted to make the bottom band black like the cuffs but didn't have enough matching black of this kind.  Shrug.

Fabric is an amazing lightweight 4way, rayon modal knit that I picked up from Purpleseamstress.  I had to have it when I saw it and she had it on sale $5/yard. This was 2 yards so $10. I just got it December 3rd and couldn't wait to sew it up. I'm sure you will see more Renfrews in the future.
When asked if it was too busy my husband commented "Looks nice, people will think you like elephants" LMAO. oooook.

Onward - I tried a new free pattern called the Darcy Boxer Shorts. And I love some comfy boxers in the summer for PJ use.  Miss K also has been asking for a pair of her own.

 Results are less than stellar for me.  Way too poofy. Seems really big on me.  Slight tightness in the rear but super big everywhere else.
 I thought I'd share my fail with you ;-)
This fabric has seen it's fair share of use!
I used it for a pattern testing muslin (never shown). K got a cute tunic out of it here. And now these boxers.  The fabric is a light, breezy cotton that I picked up dirt cheap.  It is called A day in the garden "Ava Vezite." Purchased in March 2014. I think it was like $1.20 a yard so no hard feelings on this fail.

I also made Miss K a pair using the smallest size XXS.  They fit her ok and are less poofy - though slightly still.  Her fabric (below) was leftovers from my cute tank top  back in April 2013. It was from Hancocks, a Turquoise cotton lawn at $3.95/yard.

And Finally, I just could let go of that failed frozen top. So I chopped off the offending bottom fabric and sewed on a knit bottom. This bottom is actually from my discarded first Ottobre color block tee. I got rid of the pilling top and K's shirt needed a bottom so I had this brilliant idea!  It took only minutes to cut the bottom off and reattach the new bottom - it was already hemmed so it was super awesome. The verdict? K loves it now. And it looks like my fav color-blocked tee. The frozen fabric will be used for something else. This is Ottobre 01/2011 #33

If you are still with me, Thanks!!  I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your friends and families.  I hope to get K's Xmas dress finished here this week but who knows.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Frozen Denied ~ Ottobre 01/2011 #33

Like almost every kid in America, K has taken to the "Frozen" movie. She looooves Elsa. She asked for this fabric one day when browsing over my shoulder. The fabric came, and it was so scratchy - not well made.  The print is off in spots causing the faces to distort. Ick. I didn't want to deal with returning it and this top has been on my mind.

Ottobre 01/2011 #33 "Meet-up T-shirt tunic"
Size 146 - omitted the front placket because I don't have time for those things ;-)
Instructions: are great. They are typical Ottobre - short and to the point
Fit-wise it fit just like it was supposed too. It is a tunic so it hits at the hip

(excuse the sun spot - it's that time of day)

Fabric: Top- Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Hot Pink that I got on sale for $2.99/yard at I don't remember how much I used but we will say 3/4 yard because of the sleeves. and Frozen 100% cotton woven. 1/2 yard? I think. $4.10.  Total for the top: $6.34

It took me 2.5 hours to sew because I had to switch out thread colors, change up my serger to do the rolled hem, and I used 4 of my machines in different spots on here. K hates it. Like really hates it. She picked it apart for all of 10 minutes and I know she won't wear it.  The "ruffly" part is gross (the rolled hem), the material is scratchy, it's too long (like a  tunic), I don't want it.

Can I pull my hair out now? Then she and I get into the talk of how I don't want to sew her things anymore because she complains so much about them.  To this she cries and says she still wants things from me. But I'm at my "fed up" point.  So Black Friday comes along. I buy some clothes for K - cheap crap that is poorly made but name brand nonetheless. She hates them. Too tight, not long enough, too long. Then she realizes I sew for her because things FIT her. Store clothes don't FIT her!! All is well in the world again.  LOL.

This top, however, is going to the boneyard, never to be loved by K. (aka. goodwill).

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PJ's for the boy. Ottobre and Vintage McCalls

Mr. T is so picky lately but he always wears the pajamas I make.  I had a ton of nervous energy last week due to my scope being this Monday (2 days ago).  So I traced a larger sized pattern for T from both of our favorite TNT Ottobre patterns for him.  I also altered the Vintage McCall's to fit him better.  I then pre-washed and cut out 3 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts for him.  I have been slowly sewing them over the last week and finished up today. I also ripped up all the carpet in my sewing room on Sunday because I was super anxious about my thing Monday. LOL my poor husband.... he sure puts up with me.

Up first
Ottobre 06/2011 #37 Green Check Boxer Shorts and #38 Zen T-Shirt/PJ Top
These shorts have been made 8 times before,
Bart Simpson and Perry the Platypus May 2014
Long pjs pants and fuzzy shorts Jul 2013
Altered to shorts with piped pockets Jun 2013
Terry Cloth pj shorts Feb 2013
Space pj shorts with mock fly Jan 2013
Blue gingham shorts with mock fly Jan 2013

and the shirt has been made one other time before as well.
Dino pajama top

This time I sized up to a 152 for the shorts and they are just a tad large.  I cut both front pieces with the fly part and sewed them with my mock fly cheat sheet.  I sewed the very last of the space fabric, which is from T's old bedroom like 10 years ago. It is the oldest piece in my stash and now is gone. I had 1.5 yards to use and I have no idea how much it cost when I got it.  T grew out of the other pair awhile ago that I made almost 2 years ago with the same fabric. I added vintage buttons to the mock fly on these.

The flannel wilderness fabric is the softest flannel I've ever felt. It is really nice and plush and washed great.  I added cool vintage buttons to the mock fly on these too.
Fabric: "Timber Lodge Flannel Forest Animals Nature" Robert Kaufman. 100% cotton woven. From in July 2014. 1.5 yards for $8.90

The shirt I sized up to a 152. It was a fast sew and I was able to utilize my new binder attachment for my coverstitch.  I also coverstitched the sleeves in the flat before sewing them together. This made sewing the shirt a breeze.  The fabric is a really beefy and soft; cotton/lycra jersey.  1.25 yards. I purchased it in Aug 2014 from Fashionfabricsclub for only $5.50. They advertised it as 10 oz. 95% cotton 5% lycra.  You really take a chance every time you order from them and I was pleasantly surprised with this fabric. Even fabrics with the same description are totally different sometimes when I order from them. They are so cheap though so I like to take the chance.
Total for this pj outfit: $14.40

Vintage McCall's  3041
sewn one other time in Pac Man

I wanted to sew this one more time before T grew out of it.  I have it in a size 10 and I really push it by sewing that size!  He wears a 12 or sometimes a 14 now.  I left the previous alterations for the top but added 1" to the width of the shorts.  They seem to fit him much better than the last shorts I made with this pattern. I'm sad that I won't be making this anymore because it is a wonderful pattern and the instructions are amazing.  I sewed it mostly with my vintage Kenmore, but serged the seams after sewing.  I made sure to line up those crazy ninjas across the side seams and then forgot to take a picture to show you!

Fabric: 1 yard Pure Organic Solid Black, Kaufman, 100% cotton woven.  I purchased this in Oct 2012 for pants for K but never got to it.  I was happy to use it up. I did have to cut the shorts on the cross-grain to get all pieces to fit, though. $8.98. The red is "Ninjas Don't Sweat" in Red by Windham Fabrics, 100% cotton woven. 1 yard. I picked it up Sept 2014 from a Facebook group with this pj pattern in mind.  $6.00.  Total for the vintage pj set: $14.98

I enjoyed sewing all these for Mr. T and I'm happy to add to his pj wardrobe.

Fabric Totals for the year to date:
Purchased in Oct and Nov: 41.25 yards (oops, but I was ill and it felt good)
Stash from before this year, sewn this year: 47.25 yards
All Fabric sewn/sold/gave-away in 2014: 188.25 yards
Fabric purchased in 2014: 195.75 yards

So I had my scope (endoscopy) Monday and everything went ok.  They took a few biopsies and I have to wait on those. My throat and stomach are pretty darn sore from that.  So it's just a waiting game again.

Anyway, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your festivities tomorrow :-)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Renfrew, Ottobre, Plantain

**Picture intensive post ahead**

I wear comfortable clothes.  Since most of my day is spent at home, this consists of jeans and a tee.  In the winter I freeze so the tee becomes long-sleeved.  I don't have many to choose from in my closet and one of my favorite makes is pilled beyond belief now, which means I needed to make some more.  I decided to sew up three different patterns and compare them.

My current measurements: 35-28-42. Height is 5'7"

Sewaholic Renfrew 1201:

I have wanted to try the renfrew for awhile now - always being the last to jump on the bandwagon.  I ordered it from Patternreview because their shipping is so fast to me.

Size and adjustments: Shoulders/bust 6, waist 8, hip 12. 1/2" square shoulder adjustment.

Instructions:  Pet peeve, no "front" mark on sleeves. Plus, what is up with #6.  "sew collar pieces wrong sides together" This means that the right side is facing up, but the diagram shows the wrong side facing up. Plus, when I followed the directions sewing W sides together it was clearly wrong. Am I the only one who had issue with this?  Also, I wonder why the collar has to have a top seam anyway, can't it be cut in just one piece? or is the seam to add structure? are they separate to save fabric? I'll test this theory on my next one.
I feel like a ninja!

Fabric: 10 oz. Charcoal Cotton lycra from Purpleseamstress in Oct 2014. 2 yards, $13. Love this fabric.

Fit: Love love love the fit. I can see why everyone loves this pattern.  The cuffs and band are a great idea, though I still like to finish with my coverstitch for hems. The sleeves are a tad tight for me so my next one I will add width there.
I don't like how the neckline with the cowl is out so far on my shoulders.  I can see this line when I wear the cowl and it bugs me. I may try to work out a way to have it less wide here.

Ottobre 05/2013 #1A:

I have sewn this one up a few times now and you all know I love it.  My loose striped version is slowly pilling but I wear it a lot.  My color blocked zig-zag is going strong and gets worn once per week.  My favorite of them all, the blue/gray color blocked is pilled beyond belief.  The blue fabric is poor quality and I am sad I can't wear it. So I wanted to re-make that one with better quality fabric. The tunic version I made I don't wear very much, sadly.

Size and adjustments: Shoulder, bust, waist 40 to 44 at hip.  1/2" Square shoulder adjustment, added 1/2" to outside of shoulder in armhole because shoulders were too narrow.  Separated a yoke from bodice to color block. 1/2" swayback adjustment. Did not add a pocket.

Instructions: Great instructions.  I had no issues with them.

Fabric: 7 oz. Teal Blue Jersey Knit from fashionfabricsclub in Aug 2014. 3/4 yard, $4.13; gray bottom is charcoal gray sweater knit from fashionfabricsclub in Sept 2013. 3/4 yard, $2.96. I wish I had bought more of the gray because it is soft and beefy.

Fit:  Great fit. I think it is a sleek look.  I need to add a wedge to the back and take it out from the front.  The drag lines I'm getting from bust to waist are from my large rear pulling the fabric at the hip.

Deer & Doe Plantain:

I made this up one other time in short sleeve and liked the style.  Plus I had to try those cute patches out on the elbows!

Size and adjustments: 38 shoulder, 40 bust and waist, 44 hip. 1/2" square shoulder adjustment, darted 1/2" out of neckline to armpit because of my hollow chest. I also took in 3/4" to 1" from waist to hip on front piece because front was too big.

Instructions:  The instructions are great. I had no issues with them.  I just purchased a binder attachment for my coverstitch and had a bit of an issue with the knit binding for the neckline wanting to fold wrong. I got it to look ok and left it at that. I added the tiny pocket from the Ottobre pattern because I love tiny pockets and it was a way to incorporate more gray into the top.

Fabric: 10 oz. Royal Blue Cotton Lycra. From the Purpleseamstress in Nov 2014. 2 yards, $13.  This fabric sews up so beautifully and is the perfect weight of not light and not heavy. Gray band and patches are Laguna Stretch Knit Heathered Pepper from  I want to caution. The fabric calls for 2.25 yards and it really needs it.  I wanted the neckband to be in the royal blue but didn't have enough for even that small bit of fabric after squeezing the other pieces out of 2 yards.

Fit: Love it. For a free pattern this sucker fits great!  And these elbow patches make me smile.

** So I recently stumbled upon the Purpleseamstress on facebook, she also has a website. And thought I'd try her knits. They have all gotten glorious reviews.  Well they are worth it!  Not only are the solids cheap ($6.50/yard, cotton lycra) they are also a dream to sew with. Not lightweight, not heavyweight. Just perfect.  And Melinda ships super duper fast.  I recommend her to anyone.  She lists special things on her facebook page each day and you can order both on her website and on her facebook. She also replies to you almost instantly if you contact her via FB.  **  I know good quality knits are hard to come by so I wanted to share. I do not get any sort of payment from telling you this.

Oh, and let's get these tally's back in order here;
Totals for the year to date:
Purchased in Oct and Nov: 41.25 yards (oops, but I was ill and it felt good)
Stash from before this year, sewn this year: 44.75 yards
All Fabric sewn/sold/gave-away in 2014: 182 yards
Fabric purchased in 2014: 195.75 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~