Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Recap 2015

21 items (which includes a lot of underwear), 24.25 yards of fabric. Total fabric cost $117.48

How did I do for August with my resolutions?
1 new pattern: yes, 6
1 new Burda/Otto pattern for me: yes, a Burda Skirt
1 fabric stash used: yes, 3 measly yards of stash used
1 me make each month in 2015: yes, 4 things for me

And on to Fall!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Flosstyle Jukebox Dress ~ Encore

I have a ton of cute cotton woven fabrics to sew up because cotton woven fabric always seems to have the cutest designs!  Miss K is getting older and soon she won’t want to wear half of them.  I saw this pattern release by Flosstyle and thought it would be a perfect way to use some of these fabrics up. 



This pattern is unique in that it offers 6 base designs and tons of ways to mix and match them all up!  The sizes go from Girls size 1 to 16.  The pattern also states that there are Australian women sizes from 6-10 but this is just girls sizes 12-16.  Australian women must be super tiny!  The largest chest measurement goes to 30.75; no way would that come close to fitting me. Regardless, it is a great pattern for K.




I picked the base style of “Encore” because K is on a maxi kick.  The first time around I cut and made two fronts on accident. doh!  I had enough fabric to recut it correctly.  I noticed the top was huge on K when I first cut it at a 12. So I measured and settled on a size 8 for the top with 10 in height.  The skirt tiers are a size 12 in width, 10 in height.  Miss K wants no part of elastic at her waist so I omitted that part and did not expose the ruffle on the first tier.  She is so picky some times. 




The instructions are a bit crazy in my opinion.  It was a bit hard to understand and read.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Regardless, I plugged through and the finishing is superb.  The bodice is lined and the neckline and sleeves are enclosed with the lining so there are no raw ends.  There is a zipper in the back as well.  I used my ruffler attachment on my sewing machine for the bottom hem but it didn’t give me as good of ruffles so I switched to using my serger for the top tier where it connects to the bodice.




Fabric: 1 yard (would have been 1/2 if I had not jumbled up the first top) “Gust of Leaves Silver, Wanderer” by April Rhodes, Art gallery fabrics, purchased in March for $8.60.  This is amazing fabric! So soft and smooth.  The second tier is 1 yard “Hilltop Mint” from Dear Stella, purchased sometime this year for $7.12 and the third tier is “Navy Sprigs” also from Dear Stella, 1 yard $7.12. Total for the dress: $22.84





Thoughts: This dress exceeded my expectations.  It looks amazing and I’m so happy I bought this pattern.  I look forward to trying out some of the other styles and mixing and matching things up.




And, School starts tomorrow for my kiddos.  Exciting and sad at the same time. I’ll be working on some fall clothes for me now!



Saturday, August 29, 2015

Let’s Talk Fails

Not everything I make works out.  Sometimes it does not fit right, sometimes the sewing does not go right, sometimes the fabric fails me or the pattern.  Fails are a terrible part of sewing.  They happen, but nobody likes it when they do.  The only good part about a sewing fail is that I learn each time. I thought I would catch up my August sewing and share some of the fails I’ve had this month. 

Simplicity 1068

Remember when I made my awesome Cheetah ruffle skirt?  I love it to pieces and said I would try some of the other views of the same pattern.  So I did. And it was not love.  I decided to go with the circle skirt, view C, knee length.  Circle skirts are easy to sew, though they take up a ton of fabric, and this pattern is just a knit circle skirt with an encased elastic waistband.  I picked up 2 yards of black and 2 yards of gray fabric to give it a try.  I used size 16 waist to 18 hip.  This is my waist size, but 1 size less than my hips.

This is the gray skirt (my shirt is a Renfrew I made in March)

The pattern instructions are very easy to follow if you’ve never sewn a circle skirt.  I have sewn a few for Miss K so I did not need them.  I sewed both these up in no time. 


The fabric is a bit of a story.  I am on a ton of Facebook groups for fabric, patterns, sewing in general, etc. and many sewists were talking about how Walmart is now carrying knit fabric.  I popped into mine the end of July and sure enough they had a few bolts.  The gray is a super soft “Pontiroma,” a poly blend, lighter than Ponte, but a nice weight.  I purchased 2 yards for $10.88 total.  I love this fabric and will probably buy more.  It would make a great Lady Skater dress or knit pants. It is of medium weight and has decent stretch.  The black is Cotton Spandex Knit and is nice and thick compared to most Cotton/lycra (spandex) that I purchase online.  It has great stretch and recovery.  I purchased 2 yards for $11.96 total.  *On a side note, the lady had no idea how to cut knit fabric.  She gave me the most jagged crazy cut edge I’ve ever had on a piece of fabric.

And this is the Black Skirt

The gray skirt has more drape to it and thus turned out better looking than the black skirt.  I will keep the gray one but I don’t know how much use it will get.  The weight of the black one makes it feel frumpier to me.  I don’t know how to explain it but it does not hang right.  I don’t care for it at all and will chop it up into underwear as soon as I get time. 

My little helper wanted to be picked up constantly today (his kids, K &T, are gone so he is super needy)

I have decided that circle skirts just are not for me, at this length anyway. I would, however, recommend both of the Walmart knits (for appropriate projects of course). 

Next up is a Burda skirt that I had really high hopes for.   Burda 03/2013 #122

Every summer I go through a Maxi skirt obsession.  This skirt appealed to me but I did not have that issue so I had to buy the skirt via PDF version online for $5.90.  It comes with the skirt pieces for design #120, 121, 122, and 123.  The directions, however, are only for the number you purchase. 


This skirt is unique to sew because it has an invisible side zipper that is attached to the pocket bag.  It was challenging and frustrating.  I goggled and read up on how to attempt this feat.  It took 3 unpicking’s before I was satisfied with it.

See how the zipper comes down and it's attached to the pocket bag. . . crazy!

The skirt has a yoke and then the two lower rectangles, as well as pockets on the side seams.  I sewed the lower part with just one fabric, omitting the bottom “ruffle” layer.  I underlined with a very soft and light cotton muslin.  When I finally finished I tried it on and was sorely disappointed.  The pockets and gathering at the hip made me feel ginormous.  I ended up ripping out the zipper and omitting the pockets before closing it all up again.  I still feel 100 pounds heavier when I put it on, it is not a good look for me. 


My instincts told me that gathers by my hips are a big no-no for a pear shape like me; I should have listened to my gut. The pattern makes a really awesome skirt, it was just a style mistake for me (being so hippy).  Boo.


The instructions for this skirt are typical Burda – little bits and pieces but no real help.  I utilized my stash of sewing books and the internet to sew it up.  The inseam pocket/invisible zipper part was terrible. 


The fabric is amazing.  I’m sad I cut it up.  It is a Muted Navy/Beige/White Dappled Leaves Cotton Lawn from FabricMart.  I purchased this in May 2014, 3 yards for $16.17 total. I love it too much to part with it so I will salvage what I can from the lower half rectangle.  Expect to see it again sometime!



Continuing with my Back to School preparations, I made up a bunch of underwear the last few weeks, too.  Miss K will no longer wear store undies so I re-stocked her drawer with
Ottobre 06/2013 #33 Undies


I mass produced 6 pairs in 2 days.  The coverstitch binder attachment helped tremendously, though I will think ahead of time next time and use the same color bands on all pairs.  It was a pain to change thread colors so much!  My coverstitch is super picky and I have to re-thread from the beginning every time I need to change colors.  The fabrics are all scraps from previous makes.  Miss K was super happy to see some of her favorite fabrics. 


Not wanting Mr. T to feel left out I tried a new boxer pattern for him.  It is the Boxerwear pattern from Stitch Upon A Time.  *Also referred to as SUAT for short*  I used the XS size for him with the long length.  They fit him great, but the length is a bit long for his shorter body (It’s a men’s pattern).  Next time I will use the shorter length for him.  Fabric is also scraps from his other makes.  The seams on the inside of the “pouch” are enclosed (there is a lining and an outer fabric) so they are very soft inside. Mr. T did not want to take them off... 


Mr. SunnySewing also got to try some new boxers from the same pattern.  His are a size XL and fit great (below on the Left with the fly).  They also have a boxerwear pattern for Women, so of course I made myself some in a size M at the waist to L at the hip.  They are super comfy to wear.  I can’t wait to make more! 


I popped out a tiny pair in XXS for Miss K but they were too small for her.  She also declared she would never wear “man” underwear so I won’t attempt any more for her.  They are super cute though! The fabric is from scraps from her previous shirt.  


I also wanted to share this crazy picture. I was bit by an ant 2 weeks ago and I had to deal with this monstrosity for almost 2 weeks!! I almost gnawed my leg off it itched SO bad! I mean really, who reacts like this to a tiny ant!!  Actually, I itch again just looking at it. Sigh. It's better now, just a shadow of this.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Exciting News!

A couple weeks ago I decided to put in an entry to be in FabricMart’s annual Fabricista Fashion Challenge.  Last year Nakisha was in it and I loved watching the things she came up with.  So I crossed my fingers as I sent it and then tried to forget about it.  Well, yesterday I received an email back saying I was one of the contestants!!

I was so excited! I squealed, jumped up and down, called to tell my husband (who was happy for me but really doesn’t understand the whole thing).  Then I sat down and became nervous. 
Whew.  The contest begins September 11th and there are 4 challenge weeks.  The 5 other contestants have been revealed on the website.  I follow Dawn’s blog and know that she is a fierce competitor (who makes beautiful things) so I know I have my work cut out for me Winking smile
Wish me luck!