Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pajamas for All! 5oo4 Pajama Pants

For some reason I always seem to make flannel pajamas during the heat of July.  This time I decided to try the free pattern from 5 out of 4.


5 out of 4 - Pajama Pants Pattern
Mr. Sunny Me Mr. T Miss K
Size Xlarge Medium Small Small
Rise Low Low Low Low
Hem no change added 1" added 1/2" added 1.5"

I scooped 1/2” out of the back butt curve for Miss K and I.  I also added 1/2” to the front thigh for my pants.  The pattern specifically states in the instructions:

“This is a loose fit pattern based on hip size (measured at fullest
point). Fit is a personal preference, but as a general rule I
recommend women select the low rise and size down if you want
a slimmer fit (they will still be roomy enough to be comfortable).”


My waist is in the Small range and my Hips were in the Large. BUT I followed the instructions and sized down to a Medium.  If you are a pear shaped woman with an ample bottom half I strongly suggest ignoring the instructions and sew the size your hip corresponds to.  Mine turned out a bit snug across the butt/hip and I’m sad about that; because after sewing 4 pairs, I’m very tired of sewing these kind of pants.  I’ll remake mine in a Med waist/Large hip sometime, just not soon. 


The pockets on these pants are awesome. They have the perfect room and opening for a phone.  The top gets caught in the sewing for the elastic waistband and so the pockets stay in front and don’t flop all over (I hate floppy pocket bags!). 


Thoughts from Miss K:  they are good. Baggy in the crotch though (she likes super low rise pants). I managed to catch the elusive Miss K on camera in her pjs.

Thoughts from Mr. T: good.  (They fit him perfectly).

Thoughts from Mr. Sunny: good. (They fit him great but he needs an extra inch in length next time and maybe a bit higher rise in front by an inch).

My thoughts:  as I explained above, mine are a tad snug in the hip area.  I love the pockets.  The crotch is slightly baggy in front but not annoyingly so.  The back rise is sufficient to cover everything. I do wish mine were longer too, by about an inch. 


Mr. Sunny: 2  5/8 yard of 57” wide Deep Blue/Brown Plaid Flannel.  Purchased from FashionFabricsClub in Jan 2015.  $9.90 total. This is a thinner and less soft flannel but I’ve had it forever and just wanted to use it up.  Yay for stash busting! One thing that I dislike about FFC is the misrepresentation of fabrics.  This description was “This lightweight cotton fabric has a very soft, brushed surface.”  No, not soft, barely brushed.  Their fabrics are cheap but it’s always hit or miss with quality.

Me: PRE-CUT 2  7/8 YARDS- Sky Blue/White 100% Cotton Polka Dot Cozy Cotton Flannel - Robert Kaufman – 43W from FabricMart for $4.80 total…. total!! You can’t beat that! Purchased Feb 2018.  This fabric is so soft and awesome!

Mr. T: 3 yards Snuggle Flannel Fabric 42” wide – “Skylar Blue Black Plaid;” purchased Nov 2017 for $2.69/yard. Cost $8.07 total.

Miss K: 3 yards Snuggle Flannel Fabric 42" wide- “Little Pups In Sweaters;”  purchased Nov 2017 for $2.69/yard (yay black Friday sale!).  cost $8.07 total.

The snuggle flannel from Joann's is soft and has cute prints.  Time will tell how they hold up after many washings.  The Robert Kaufman flannel is the best feeling out of what I used.  It sews wonderfully and feels like it will last a long time. 

Here is my updated Spring/Summer Sewing Plans.  I am also working on a Fall/Winter sewing list.
SWAP Spring 2018 updated1