Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Monthly Silhouette Makes ~ March

I have lots of sewing makes to share with you but I also have a non-compliant 10 yr old that won’t take pictures at the moment.  So I’ll share them when I can.

I do have some fun silhouette cameo makes to share though!  Here is what I made in March:

Bob’s Burgers PJs for Mr. T.  I bought the shirt plain and added a bob’s burgers decal.  The tee matches his PJ pants perfectly – I made the pants

Not one to be left out, I made Miss K these PJ pants, bought a plain tee, and added the “Timmy time” sheep to the front.  She picked this image.20160317_145811

I made Miss K some new undies to try out (Scrundlewear by Stitch Upon a Time) and added a BMO picture to them

She loved the above ones so much she refused to take them off so I made her another pair and added “LSP” (These are both Adventure Time Characters)20160320_113340

By far the most fun and exciting projects this month were the following four pictures.  This is called the PVPP method.  You paint a canvas your color (white), put down a vinyl picture (cut out with cameo), paint it, then peel off the vinyl when dry. It turns out to be a pretty cool image.

Here is Miss K’s picture she painted.  She picked out Link for her room.  These are pretty big canvases, which kept her busy one day she was sick.  She had a ton of fun painting it.

and an in progress shot:

Here is the owl I painted with this method.  It hangs in my living room now.


Mr. T watches a lot of YouTube videos.  He asked me to make him a “Lazy Harp Seal” hoodie.  I bought the hoodie, and then spent 2 hours designing and pulling out the layers to cut before finally finishing this for him.  He was over the moon. 

Miss K needed a new Library Tote so I surprised her with this one day.

Miss K also asked for a “We Bare Bears” tee so I spent way more time than necessary getting this shirt done.  I lightened the image up so you can see the top bear is brown. 

Mr. T also asked for a Rick and Morty tee.  I found some cool posters online and traced them.  I love the design that resulted from it. 

Mr. SunnySewing was feeling quite left out.  So I made him a tee (modeled by miss K).  It is a quote from “the  office”

Then I made him this fun mug.  Here is side two:

and side one.  He drinks a lot of coffee.

As you can see I really enjoy using my cameo.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I can do with it.  The artistic side in me loves designing and pulling layers and colors out of the designs. 

Sewing-wise I’m getting my Spring/Summer Plans lined up.  I see lots of maxi dresses, shorts, tanks, and other dresses in my future.  I also want to sew up another pair of jeans. And there is the quilt I need to finish for Miss K. 

Health-wise I have some more testing and an outpatient procedure this next week – it never seems to end.  So I won’t be able to sew until the following week.  I’ll try to do better about posting my makes; unfortunately this year has been hard for me so far health-wise.  It ebbs and flows so I just wait for it to swing back to ok.

Spring is finally here in the Midwest!

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lace Pocket Tee

This is for my entry into 2016 Bargainista Fashionista Challenge on Pattern Review.

I used Patterns for Pirates - Boyfriend V-Neck Tee pattern.

purple 5

This beginner/intermediate pattern is that perfect wardrobe staple! Simple, comfortable, and you can dress it comfortable in tunic with leggings, or dress it up! With short, 3/4, and long sleeves this pattern can take you year round!

purple 1

This is a semi-fitted top made for women (it has curves!) Options include: short sleeve, 3/4 roll up with button tab, and long sleeve with and without cuffs. Also includes shirt and tunic lengths! And last but not least the perfect little pocket for that boyfriend tee look!

purple 2

The pattern goes from size XXS to XXXL.  I decided to size down one from my measurements because my fabric is very stretchy and drapey. I sewed a M but graded to an XL for the hips. I did my normal 1/2" square shoulder adjustment and I changed the neckline to be round instead of V-neck.

purple 6

The instructions are super easy and hold your hand the whole way through.  There are photos to accompany each step. 

purple 7

Fabric: 1 yard Rayon Spandex Jersey Knit in Cyber Grape from $4.66; I also used 1/4 yard Diamond Crochet Lace Knit in Mint also from $1.48.  I bought these the end of February in preparation for this challenge.  My inspiration tee is from Burberry and is $495.  I saved myself 98.76%!!


I’m very happy with how my tee turned out.  I have a feeling I will sew up many of these tees.  I love the fit and the speed at which I can sew them up.  However, I will most likely use a cotton/lycra knit next time. I just do not enjoy sewing with Rayon Jerseys they are so thin and slippery.

photo by Miss K. Focus is not her concern :)
purple 3

purple 4

Bargainista info:  Inspiration Tee – Burberry $495.  My tee - $6.14.  Percent saved - 98.76%! 

copy shirt collage

Sorry for the crazy photos.  I wanted to get this entered before the contest ended.  Miss K helped with the photos.... I am just getting over a nasty cold virus too.  Hope you are well and sewing like crazy!

~ Kristin ~

Monday, March 7, 2016

Jalie 2908 ~ Jeans #1

I finally did it.  I made jeans!  I’ve been meaning to for 3 years now but either felt intimidated, or lacked motivation.  Sunday, I finally just went for it. 


These took me 3 days to sew; I tried to break it up into parts.  The Jalie illustrated instructions are on three separate pages so I sewed up a page each day.  This broke it down quite nicely. Jeans are not hard to make, really.  They just take loads of time. 


My sizing put me in an AA but when I try to go off that I usually end up with not enough for my rear and too much in front.  So I decided to cut a size Z for the front and BB for the back.  I made sure the seams all lined up still. 


The biggest problem I have in RTW jeans is that annoying back gap.  It’s huge on me.  So I immediately used the “gaposis” fix linked in this post on the Jalie blog.  I took 1 inch off the waist and 1/2” off the yoke on each side for 1” total there.  I made no other adjustments. 


To sew these I set up my vintage Kenmore for top-stitching and used my new Janome for the sewing.  I used a twin needle for most of the double top-stitching but I wouldn’t do that again; it makes the stitching pretty scratchy on the inside.  I had top-stitching thread in each needle, and regular thread in the bobbin.  When the twin needle sews it creates sort of a zigzag on the backside with the bobbin thread – this makes it scratchier than a normal stitch.  Next time I’ll just sew each line separately with a single needle. 


Jalie’s instructions are fantastic for these, but I still needed more visual handholding for the zipper and fly.  I went to the Ginger Sew-a-long posts and looked over those as I assembled the fly.  They use all the same parts as the Jalie but the pictures are photos, not illustrations; this helped me


As I was sewing these up I got so excited when I came to the inseam.  I sewed and topstitched the inseam, and then only basted the side seams for a quick fitting.  Everything looked great but the back still gapped a bit because the waist was too big for me.  The thigh area was just a bit too tight for my liking too.  I took out the basting and re-sewed the side seams with 1/2” seam allowance from waist to hip and then 1/4” seam allowance from hip to knee. 


Fit:  I am in love with these jeans!  I don’t know why I procrastinated in making them.  Honestly I thought they wouldn’t fit me and I would have to do a ton of adjustments.  But you can’t move forward if you don’t … move forward! lol.  These fit me so much better than any RTW jean I’ve owned and I didn’t have a lot to adjust!


Fabric: I just barely squeaked these out of 2 yards of “Stretch Denim 9oz. Midnight Indigo” fabric.  The denim had 20% stretch.  The pattern calls for 2 and 1/8th yard I think.  I was super careful to make sure everything was on grain when cutting; except the waistband is cut on the bias.  Anyway I picked up this fabric back in April 2013 (see I meant to make jeans way back then!) from for only $3.99 a yard.  That makes these jeans only $7.98!  (not including thread, button, zipper, etc.). 

jean pockets

To prep this fabric I prewashed and dried it twice.  After I made the jeans I soaked them overnight in vinegar followed by a rinse and then tumble in the dryer with tennis balls.  I was hoping to soften up the denim a bit with the vinegar soak.  After this I took some sandpaper and lightly sanded a few spots (thighs, side seams, bottom hems) and then washed as normal.  They are still somewhat stiff but I just need to wear them to break them in. 

front jean

Going Forward:  The next time I make these I will add 1/2” to 1” to the inseam because I like my pants longer.  I will make the waist 1/2” smaller still.  And I might add 1” to the rise because I’m super close to showing my butt crack when I bend over in these or when sitting.  These are minor changes to a great pattern.  I’m super pleased with them. 


Next up I’ll be making the Ginger Jeans with the flare option, just to see how different they fit. 

I’m also wearing yet another Jalie Scarf Collar top (2921).  This is the third one I’ve sewn in the last two weeks.  This time I made it sleeveless and in a Navy ITY.  I really love this pattern because it looks dressy or casual, sews up so fast, and takes just 1 yard of fabric.

close blue1

The one thing I have issues with in sleeveless tops is when the pattern asks you to just turn and topstitch the armhole.  My fabric never wants to cooperate with the curve there.  So I found that cutting a strip of bias (or in this case since it was a knit just a 1.5” wide strip) and then serging it to the armhole, under stitching it, and flipping it to topstitch down. This works great for me every time and the inside looks much cleaner.

inside blue

blue top 2

Fabric: I just bought this from in February for this pattern.  1 yard Monaco Small Dot ITY Knit Navy/White for $3.74.  This is a great ITY; perfect weight and not see through.
I didn’t adjust for swayback this time either; I must remember to do this.

blue top1

With the busy dots you can barely tell there is a seam down the center front.

close blue 2

*~* Happy Sewing! ~*~