Friday, June 14, 2013

"The 5 Skirts" or How you know you LOVE a pattern too much.....

So this last Sunday I made a jersey knit skirt with the Ottobre ZigZag skirt pattern from issue 03/2013 #30.
I exclaimed my love of the simple pattern and how Miss K needed bottoms around here for summer.  Well I went a bit overboard. . . :-)

I loved the jersey skirt a little too much and over the week thought about how little material is used to make these cuties.  Then Wednesday night I dug into my fabric scraps and as I dug further and further I found so many cute fabrics to make this skirt with.  Well I had to stop myself at 5.  All 5 are woven skirts too and I was itching to see how well the woven skirt looked as opposed to the knit one.

And, I LOVE them all!
My small fuzzy helper was with me the whole way
 She wasn't impressed with my singing though.

I ran out of clear elastic so I had to try the gathering foot on my serger
 Holy buckets was it fast and easy to make ruffles with that thing!
 lots and lots of ruffles.  there are 10 panels total for the 5 skirts (a front and a back each)

I serged all raw edges on these puppies and used the fast method of fold and press, fold again and press for the double hem on the bottoms.

And here they are!

Kitty Fabric left over from this tiered dress back in March, 2012; Pink Polka Dots from May 2012 Skirt
Puppy Fabric left over from Jan 2012 pillow project and May 2012 skirt  Blue fabric I hadn't used yet 
Green floral from June 2012 tiered sundress Black from my April 2013 Tank
Purple Floral from 2013 Easter Dress Green Check from May 2012 Skirt
Both Pink Floral and Blue fabric from recent June 2013 dress

Obsessive? Maybe.  Too much? Quite possibly. Scrap Busting? For sure!  These are cute, fast, easy and wicked cheap.  K now has some bottoms to choose from this summer.  Yay!

Here is Miss K wearing one of the skirts.  Asking her to try on more than one is not possible; plus she has a cold so is not feeling well.

"There is a bee mom, I'm not standing by the flowers"
"It's way to sunny here mom"
 "Mom, can we be done?"

 That little bottom ruffle just makes me smile in the heart. 
Comfy elastic waist

I think I'll leave the pattern alone for a bit now.  But I'll pick it up again in the fall! Each skirt only cost about a dollar or so.  Yay!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Such cute skirts! I think it's more practical than obsessive to make 5 (: Think how much more time it would take to make 5 skirts from different patterns? I do like the satisfaction of making multiples, although I haven't often done 5.

    1. Thanks Joy! It's good to know I'm not completely crazy! lol.
      It would have taken way more time to make 5 skirts from different patterns so this is a good thing. Now I just need to get K to wear them! After I finished them she decided to tell me she no longer wants to wear skirts.... That girl is so particular!

  2. Very cute skirts. Making a ton of the same pattern is something that I do.

    1. Thanks Kimberly :-) It's nice to know I'm not alone!


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