Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Simplicity 3750 ~ Tank Top ~ Pattern Stash Contest

Simplicity 3750 "6 made easy" - it sounds promising, right?

In RTW I am a size small on top, usually a 6-8. I chose to sew View E. The pattern measured me at a 12-14 on top and 18 at the hips. I wen't against their judgement and cut a 10 on top to waist, grading to a 12 from waist to hip.  The top ended up a bit more snug than I like so if I sew it again I'll cut a straight 12.  There are 6 pieces for this top.

Instructions:  For the most part the instructions are what I expect for an "easy" pattern.  In step 1, make sure to sew just a tad above the big dots as I did as the instructions stated and sewed through them; in the end my  stitch lines were showing after I sewed the seam allowance here.  Also, if I didn't already know the concept of bias attachment the instructions would have lost me.  I skipped over reading them in steps 14-15 and 32-33.  Also, the pattern called for 1/2" wide single fold bias tape.  I used my bias tape maker for 1/2 inch and the bias was tiny, too tiny for my liking because it ends up being 1/4" after attaching.  Next time I will use my 1" maker so the binding is a nice 1/2".  The band ties are too short - I would cut them each 5-6 inches longer (pattern piece #5). The chest gathering part is a bit short in height.  The band doesn't fully go under my chest area (by about 1- 1.5 inches).  In the future I would make that area about 2 inches larger from bottom to top.  To gather on the bottom I used my elastic tape instead of sewing two rows and such.  It worked out great and turned out nice gathers.  The top is gathered by elastic - you sew a casing.

Fabric: Pattern calls for 1 yard of 45" wide for main part and 7/8 yard for contrast (the belt and ties).  I originally picked up this fabric 9/15/12 for a skirt but ended up not liking that pattern after first use.  I purchased both from Hancocks; Turquoise cotton lawn at $3.95/yard - I had 2 yards and used about 1 1/4. Black royalty broadcloth, cotton sateen at $3.99/yard - I only had 3/4 a yard and managed to just squeak out the belt and ties.  The fabric is almost see-through so I may have to wear a thin tank under it.

Total for the Tank, minus thread: $7.93

I think it is a cute top but I need it to be slightly bigger.  I would say the pattern is just ok - I'm not crazy about it but I don't dislike it either.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Sounds like a good learning experience :). I often have difficulties with the sizing on patterns and the instructions. I've been sewing forever and sometimes the way they tell you to do things is so confusing. I get sad for others reading it and just do it the intuitive way and its usually just fine. I like the lawn fabric, it's a pretty color.

    1. Thanks Jeifner - it was a learning experience, that's for sure ;-)
      It drives me crazy that the sizing on patterns cannot be consistent throughout - can't they all start from the say base sizes and manipulate the design from there?

      I agree, sometimes the instructions are just too confusing for their own good!

      Thanks for the comment :D

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    1. Caroline, I think I have an extra one. can you email me at sunnysewing at hotmail.com?


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