Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feb 2015 Recap

February was all about the active wear.
I did sew some other things up but have not yet blogged them.
My annual Feb cold has hit. So I am a bit under the weather, nothing serious.
My last class started two weeks ago too.
And the puppy.... oh that puppy. Sigh.

8 items, 8.25 yards of fabric. total cost of fabric $57.16

How did I do for Jan with my resolutions?
1 new pattern: yes, 2!
1 new Burda/Otto: didn't happen this month
1 fabric stash: yes! 5.25 yards!
1 me make each month in 2015: yes! 4

Let's hope March brings some warmer weather!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jalie Swim Suit for ME!

And coming in at the 11th hour... my swimsuit!!!  This is my last entry into the PR active wear contest. I've been wanting to sew this suit for a year now and couldn't muster up the courage.  Sewing suits for a 9 yr old is one thing (she is such a rectangle) but sewing for me.... with all my weird measurements...That is a different story!

Turns out that I was afraid for nothing.  My suit goes together the same way as the ones I sew for Miss K.  And I'm super pleased with the results!!  It looks just how I wanted it too.  It has renewed my dwindling faith that I should sew.

Top: Jalie 3023
This is my second time making this top. I've made it for K one other time.
I sewed a T for the shoulders, U for the bust/waist, and W for the hips.  These are one step up from my measurements and the fit is darn near perfect!

Construction was a breeze.  I followed each step.  The straps are the worst part of this top.  The instructions are there but you need pictures to understand what is going on.  Last time I made this I printed off the picture tutorial by Meigan at "Get My Stitch On" and used it this time.  Much easier to sew.

I added the shelf bra without issue and used a thicker bit of elastic. The pattern calls for 3/4" but all I had was normal elastic and it was scratchy. So I grabbed the 1.25" sport elastic that is used for the tops of boxers.  It is soft on the skin side and worked great. I actually prefer the thicker elastic for support there, it is more comfortable.

Shorts: Jalie 3351
I have made these three times for K now but the first time for me.  Construction was easy since I've sewn them up a few times now.  I sewed a V at the waist to a Z at the hip (one size up from my measurements).  They are just a tad too big but I don't even care. I love them!  They are super comfortable.  The built in brief is nice too.

So don't be afraid to sew up something.  Take the chance, you may have great results!!

** It feels so weird to sew and wear a swim suit when it's -35°F outside!!**

Fabric: Italian Swimwear Print - Grey / Floral / Multi from Michael Levine, Inc. Purchased May of last year, 1.5 yards, $15.  I fell in love right away even though it's not my color.  It just has a vintage vibe to me and I love that. The white is White Activewear from fashionfabricsclub.  I purchased it at the same time. It has a soft brushed surface on the backside and wow. I wish I had more of this.  It is sooo soft. The negative is that it had roller marks and stains throughout the fabric, so I had to pick and choose my spots, plus it was the end of the roll.  But I love it!! 3/4 yard $5.21. 

Swimsuit total: $20.21. Can't beat that :)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swimsuits for K ~ Kwik Sew and Jalie

I'm trying to be ahead of the game this year :)  K has outgrown her last swimsuit and thus needed a new one.  She and I both loved her Jalie one but the band on top irritated her.  She didn't like the seam right at the bust.  I decided to try and modify a Kwik Sew 2725 leotard to make a plain tank, and pair it with the Jalie 3351 swim shorts. This is also my 2nd entry into the PR active wear contest.

Kwik Sew 2725
This pattern is for a leotard and you can make it plain or with contrast fabric.  When I first tried it on K it was 1" to long in the neckline and armhole. So I took 1" off at the shoulder seams and it was much better.  I used a size 10 in shoulders/bust for her and tapered to a 14 in waist.  I cropped it off as a tank instead of a one piece suit. I used clear elastic in the neckline and armholes.

The first top I made with flowers and teal contrast fabric, but K doesn't like the seams on the front. (that girl, I tell you!) Perhaps she will get used to it in time. I lined only the flowered front part with the teal swim knit.

The second top I made with leftovers of her old suit and an aqua swim knit for the back panel.  I also lined the front panel with a white swim knit.

Floral is "Italian Swimwear Print - Neon Multi" and is nylon/spandex.  I picked it up last May from Michael Levine, Inc. LOVE THIS PRINT!! Perfect swim weight. 1 yard, $10.
Teal paired with floral is: "Teal Green Activewear" and is nylon/lycra. I purchased it last May from fashon fabrics club. It is thin and really slippery, plus it is very stretchy. I would use it more for dance and not so much for swim. 1 yard, $6.95

White floral is scraps from her first suit. This fabric was a clearance find at Hancock a long time ago.  It is nylon lycra and was $7.59 for the yard.  It is super soft and thick. I wish I could have yards of stuff this nice!
The aqua paired with it is "Aqua Blue Activewear" and is nylon/lycra.  I purchased it last May from fashion fabrics club.  It is a weird knit. Not slippery, but soft. I wouldn't expect it to be a swim knit. 1 yard, $6.95

Jalie 3351
For both bottoms I sewed a straight size Q and the fit was great.  I added the pockets to the side of both pairs.  I used clear elastic for the hidden brief legs. Not much more to say except that this pattern is awesome!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jalie 3024 and Jalie 3022 ~ Yoga Outfit

This year I hope to take part in more contest on Pattern Review.  I feel it helps motivate me to sew things that I might just leave on the back burner.  Right now PR is running an activewear contest. Perfect excuse for me to get a new yoga outfit whipped up.

Originally I had tried to re-make my loved Jalie 3022 pants in cotton velour, but..... they were so tight I couldn't barely get them on. It really bothers me to have to throw out a make, too.  I even sized up one size but I guess I should have gone up more because the velour didn't have as much stretch as my first pair.

So I moved forward with a cotton lycra pair of pants and tank for my outfit.  (sorry, indoor pics because WI weather is cold!)

Jalie 3024 is a cute pattern for dresses.  You can sew a tank dress plain, or with a crossover, as well as a kimono sleeved boat neck dress.  I thought this pattern would be great for summer dresses for both K and myself.

I used Jade cotton lycra for the top with a Forest Green band. I purchased it from purpleseamstress. 1 yard, $6.50.

I read the instructions and new I would sew up the tank differently.  There is nothing wrong with the Jalie instructions but I have to bind in the flat with my attachment and I like sewing things in the flat whenever I can. :)

  • First I sewed one shoulder and then attached my neck and one armpit binding with my binder attachment.  
  • Second I sewed the other shoulder and then attached the second armpit binding. 
  • Third I attached each band to the top, in the flat.
  • Fourth I attached each "skirt" (bottom) panel to the bands, in the flat. 
  • Fifth I sewed up each side. 
  • And finally, I hemmed.  

The tank was a very fast sew.

Adjustments: 1/4" square shoulder. That's it!  Size: neck/shoulders a T, bust/waist a U, and sloping out to an X for the hip. I made the skirt panel 11" and it was perfect length.

Fit: It fits well!  I like it a lot.  The neck/shoulders are just a smidge big but not bad at all. I can't wait to make some dresses from this pattern!

This is the third time I have made Jalie 3022.  I love the first pair but the fabric is piling.  The second pair I talked about above with the failed cotton velour.

I used Forest Green cotton lycra with Jade for the band. I also purchased this from purpleseamstress. 2 yards, $13.

I followed the directions for the most part.  I like to do my topstitching right after I sew the seam instead of all of it at step 7.  Topstitching is boring so I would not enjoy it if I had to do it all at once!  And there is a lot of topstitching on these pants.

My measurements put me in a Size X (11) hip and T (7) waist but Jalie is always snug so I bumped up to a Size Z (13) waist V (9).   The back pants panel is split into two and creates a super nice curve that hugs the rear end.  Despite the topstitching these go together relatively fast.  There is also elastic in the waistband which I prefer more than just a cotton/lycra band.
(back view)

My tank ended up a smidge too big, and these pants ended up a smidge too tight! lol.  It's ok though.  My weight goes up and down like a yo-yo with my health so I'm sure they will be less tight in a week as I'm on the upper end of that yo-yo right now.  I'm very happy with them and they are so comfortable. Total for the outfit: $19.50

I also have some swim suits sewn up for K and a few other things, but I'll share those a different day :)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~