Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ottobre 1/2013 #15 Victor and 6/2011 #37 Green Check

This week has been crazy!  Friday the kids had no school. Miss K's temp was 102.5 Friday and Saturday before I took her in to the clinic and found she had strep.... AGAIN! She had it just a month ago.  So she was also home on Monday.  Mr. T had to have a tooth pulled so he was home Tuesday.  I tell you, it is hard to sew with so many people home!

However, it is time to "celebrate the boy!"  I'm so excited about this because I rarely sew anything for Mr. T. He loves everything I make for him too.  I do make him lots of pajamas but only because he is a 10 year old boy that doesn't wear homemade clothes to school.  Miss K loves wearing her stuff to school but she is only 7.

Yet again, I made Mr. T some pajamas.  He is starting to outgrow the ones I made last year so I've been trying to replace them.

Mr. T rarely wears a shirt at night.  He is one of those kids who sweats even in -20 degree weather.  I decided this cute Ottobre tank #15 Victor would be perfect for him (size 146), plus I already knew he liked the longer shorts from the 6/2011 Ottobre #37 Green Check (size 140).

I made the shorts first because they are super easy.  This time around I omitted the fly and added ribbing to the bottoms.  I used terry cloth for the fabric.  The shorts were quick and easy; I had no problems.  For the ribbing I took the length around the bottom hem, lets say it was 18, added seam allowance of 1/2 inch and multiplied it by 0.70. So, 18.5 x 0.70= about 13 inches.  This is how long I cut my ribbing.  It worked out great.

(apology up front for the terrible night time photos.  Wisconsin in winter makes it hard to get outside photos!)

The tank was also easy to make.  Looking at the pattern I knew it would be fast and simple (or my kind of pattern!).  I followed the directions and had no issues with them.  I used my old Air Force shirt for the fabric (Upcycle! YES!).  The ribbing is from an old Wal-Mart tank top of mine too.  The terry cloth was used for the yoke to tie it into the shorts.  (Honestly, I didn't have enough terry to do the tank with so this is how I improvised!).  I used the same formula as the shorts for the ribbing on the neck and sleeves.  I opted to not do ribbing on the bottom hem of the tank though.

What did I love about this pattern?  All the double needle sewing!  I haven't been using my double needle for awhile now (no idea why not) and I used it quite a bit on these.  It reminded me how much I love to use it and how great the finish looks!  I would say these two patterns are a match made in heaven!

Mr. T ran joyously around the house once he put these on.  He also exclaimed "These are awesome Mom!"  when I first showed them too him.  He loves that it is my old shirt.  The kids know I lived in that shirt for awhile when I was really sick.  I'm happy it found a new home!  Miss K has already laid claim to the pajamas once T grows out of them. LOL.

The "cotton blend micro stretch terry cloth dark turquoise" fabric I used was from  It was easy to sew and is soft to wear but it left me and the sewing room covered in tiny fuzzballs!  I ordered it way back on 3/20/2012, $6.98 for the yard.  I was glad to use most of it up. no longer has this fabric.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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