Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pretty Pink Polka Dot Skirt with Puppy Pockets!


OMG that is a lot of P's!!! LOL.  This skirt is a tiny bit heavier cotton than I like to use in the summer but I couldn't resist.  It is hot pink polka dot and I added puppy dog pockets for all the little treasures my daughter likes to find outside. The skirt turned out great and is nice and full for maximum twirling by Miss K.

This skirt has actually been done for a week now but Miss K has been in a no trying on mood.  Much to my despair.  She loves wearing almost everything I've already made but I think she is tired of trying on new ones and posing for the camera.  This is my second entry to the children's category over at Skirt Week on Crafterhours.  You should really join in on the fun!  Plus it adds to the wardrobe too!

My kids very rarely get along so this bottom picture is golden for me. :D. Ignore the broken clothes line in the pic... we are replacing them this year lol.

How did I make the skirt?
It was really easy actually.  I cut out a rectangle of fabric that is twice Miss K's waist and her length + 2 inches.  I cut the 4 pocket squares out of the puppy fabric you saw on Miss K's pillow.  Sewed them wrong sides together, turned them right side out and placed them on the skirt.  Then I sewed together the sides; hemmed the top 1 inch; hemmed the bottom 1/2 inch and folded another 1/2 inch plus used my double needle for the bottom.  Then I inserted inch elastic the size of her waist minus 1 inch.  Ta-Da! Done.

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