Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Hits and Misses

I posted over on Instagram a bit ago that I have been very ill – which is why there has not been any posts the last quarter of this year.  Unfortunately I have been so ill that sewing hasn’t really been possible.  I count the days until I can get into the GI doctor (the end of January). I am ready for 2016 to end as it has been a rough year for my family.  2017 can only be better!!  (ps. I do post things on Instagram sometimes as I make them, or in progress shots because it's faster than a blog post).

I’ve gathered up some hits and misses from my sewing this last year.  Sewing really slowed down in 2016 and I hope that 2017 means much more sewing!  I worked really hard on fitting and altering patterns this year and feel like I understand how things fit my body better.   I also realized that I mainly sew from Jalie, Burda, and Patterns for Pirates.  These three companies/designers really fit my body type better than the big 4.  I do have a lot of big 4 that I want to sew up though. 
top 6 of 2016

1. Suat Brazi Dress: I just love how this fits, and it is super comfortable. I made 2 of these this year and love them both!  I would call this an easy to sew pattern, too.
2. Jalie 2908 Jeans: I made two pairs of these this year and I can’t begin to explain how nice it is to have jeans that FIT!  Normal jeans gape so bad at my waist. I also won the Pants contest for this pair of jeans.  This pattern is easy to sew, but time consuming.
3. Jalie 3248 Cardigan:  I wish I had 50 of these to wear each day.  This cardigan is so comfortable and I want to live in it.  This pattern is easy enough to sew, but I’d call it a “medium” skill pattern.  There are some funky instructions that make sense if you read them slowly. I made Miss K one of these and she loves it. I also have another one cut and half sewn for myself.
4.  Burda 12/2008 #114:  This is actually a nightgown made of rayon spandex.  It is super comfortable and easy to just throw on for bed.  I love it and reach for it all the time it’s clean.  I would also call this an easy sew.
5.  Jalie 3355 Hoodie:  This is the second one I made and I live in both of mine.  I love this pattern and this hoodie is my favorite in my closet.  I would say this is an easy sew. I wear it as often as possible.
6.  Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up Tank:  Ok, I love, love, love almost all the P4P patterns.  I just finished up a sweetheart dress I haven’t posted here yet or it would be up in the hits.  I love this tank top because I can layer with it and not be hot or cold.  It fits perfect and I made it with custom fabric from the movie “UP.”  These patterns are all easy to sew with tons of pictures to help.

Here’s a sneak peak of that P4P Sweetheart Dress (LOVE!):


fails 2016

Ok, pleasantly most of my “misses” this year were because of fabric choice or something I did when sewing.  This must mean I’m either getting better at fitting, picking patterns, or sewing!

1.  Burda 11/2006 #116: This was a fabric fail and the fact that I couldn’t understand what the heck Burda wanted me to do to sew it up.  I love the look of it so I may revisit.
2. Patterns for Pirates Boyfriend Tee: this was a fail because of the horrid fabric choice I made.  That color is not me and it is too thin and drapey so it shows every lump and bump; plus, the fabric grows and grows making the shape of the tee out of whack.  I’ll remake this pattern many times in a different fabric.
3.  Burda 03/2011 #131B:  These are a work in progress.  I have such a hard time fitting my pear shaped lower half.  These are the closest I’ve come to good looking shorts; however, I should have known not to add slant pockets to the side of the hips like that.  I’ll be working on this pattern in an attempt to get TNT shorts out of it. 

I’m excited to see all your hits and misses for the year!

And I’m so ready for 2017. . .
Here’s to a much better year ahead. 

Happy Sewing,