Monday, February 29, 2016

Silhouette Stuff ~ February

It’s time for my end of the month Silhouette post.  Here are some things I made in February with my Cameo! 

A Studio Ghibli shirt for Miss K. We are HUGE Studio Ghibli fans.

Miss K and I used my machine to make vinyl nail decals!  These were so fun! They lasted about a week for her too.

Mr. Sunny is a huge fan of Zoolander so I surprised him with this tee

It was my Mom’s birthday so I used my machine to make this awesome cut-out card!  This was super cool.  I also used the sketch pens to add the words.

Mr. Sunny showed me an image online and asked me to make him a shirt like it.  Here is my version of the shirt.  (the zombie dad is walking towards coffee)

After I showed Mr. Sunny his shirt he asked me to do this one for Mr. T.  They are huge walking dead fans and watch the show together. (the zombie son is walking toward an Xbox controller)

I made Miss K some pajama pants (to be shown later) and then we decided on making this shirt to match.

Mr. T wanted this made for a friend at school; it is some inside joke between them. He helped me do this one.

Miss K has pretty bad nightmares and was asking for a dream catcher; so I put this beautiful image on her wall next to her bed.

Mr. T needed something above his bed too, so I put this up there. 
t bed

As you can see, my favorite thing to use my machine for is Heat Transfer Vinyl on Tee shirts.  I’ve started to venture on to using it for other things like the card.  There is just so much this machine is capable of!  I love it!

On a side note:  I’ve traced, cut, and started sewing up my jeans!! 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jalie 2921 Scarf-Collar Top

I realized today that at least half my closet is made of Jalie; they sure churn out some amazing patterns.  I love the fact that the sizing is from baby through plus size adult.  One pattern can take me a long way with that sizing.  Unfortunately the Canadian dollar is not so strong right now; fortunately that means I can buy a lot of their patterns for not many USD right now Smile


Recently I ordered Jalie 2921 Scarf-Collar Top.  This top has many positive reviews on PatternReview and I liked the design of it. I cut a size “V” for the front and a size “V” for the back except the hip I graded out to a “Y”.  These sizes are based on my actual measurements.  I adjusted for a square shoulder. 

blue scarf 1

The very best part about this top is that it takes 1 yard of fabric.  ONE yard!!  Plus, I was able to sew it in 1 hour!

blue scarf 2

The blue one I sewed first in an ITY.  It is my wearable muslin.  I haven’t hemmed it yet, but I like how it looks so well that I will hem it and wear it.  The sleeves turned out a bit tight for my liking.

blue scarf 3

blue scarf 4

The second one I sewed out of a teal rayon jersey. It is so soft.  I added 1/2” in width to the sleeves and 1/4” to the sides for a slightly less tight fit. 

gray scarf 1

I love this one too, but I think I like how the blue ITY fits better.  There is much better recovery in an ITY than a rayon jersey.  The rayon jersey tells me I need to do a swayback adjustment next time. 

gray scarf 2

The only thing I don’t like about these tops is the front center seam.  I really don’t like that but the scarf covers it up.  The way the shirt is constructed, the center seam is vital. 

gray scarf 4

The instructions were excellent; I enjoy having both worded steps as well as picture steps. 

gray scarf 3

All in all I love this top and can’t wait to make more.  I will be wearing these two until they fall apart!

Happy  Sewing!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

A fail, a stall, and a sneak peak

 Lets start with the fail.

Burda 11/2006 #116


I really wanted this top to work out.  I love the line drawing.  The original french terry I wanted to use was way to thin, and I only had 1 yard not 2.  So I went to Hancock's to find new fabric and settled on one of their new sweater knits with a fleece backing.  The pattern calls for sweatshirt material.


Unfortunately it sounds nicer than it really is.  The sweater knit part on top tries to stretch but pulls in other places when it does, and the fleece part fights stretching.  This makes for an uncomfortable top!  The arms are too tight. It feels too tight in the stomach.  Plus, I couldn’t figure out the neck directions for anything! 


If anyone knows how to sew this neck together please let me know.  I’d love to try this top again.  Here is where I’m confused: Turn the allowance out on the slanting front, and collar edges and stitch in place.  What? Am I just flipping the allowance to the outside and sewing so that the raw edge is visible?  In my top here I just folded the raw side to show without sewing anything on the edges.  Or maybe since you are flipping the raw side up you turn the allowances to the right side so that they are really underneath.  I’m just lost; though I think I may have figured it out just now as I typed this out.  If anyone can help clarify…Thanks Burda!


And here is a what I’m stalled on.  I am not sure if I like the shirt enough to finish it.  I feel like the fit is a bit off, almost as if the bust and back darts are too low.  I had high hopes for it in the beginning.  The fabric is a loose weave so it has been a pain to sew the collar area because it grows and shifts.  I usually never have UFO’s but this one might end up that way. This is also a Burda pattern.


Finally, here is a sneak peak of something I’ve been working on for Miss K. 


I finally have all my supplies ready for Jean making so I plan on doing that next up.  

What have you been sewing?