Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shorts on the Line ~ Ottobre 6/2011, Pattern #37

While on vacation last week I realized it was time for one of my favorite sew-along challenges "Shorts on the Line!"  I was pretty sad thinking I wouldn't be able to be back in time to make some cute shorts I had envisioned in my mind; however, entries are accepted until July! Yay!

The family laughed at me all the way back from Oklahoma because I was testing out options in my mind for the shorts I wanted to achieve.  I wanted to use the leftover PacMan fabric from T's bathrobe and add red piping but didn't have enough fabric :(

I went diving into my stash and found this summery Stretch Yarn Dyed Cotton Shirting in Plaid Turquoise/White.  It is 98% cotton 2% Lycra.

It met the softness test for Mr. T and I had just enough with 1.5 yards.  I bought it from back in April 2012 for a total of $5.07.

I used Ottobre 06/2011 Pattern #37 because it is one of my favorites.  I like how it looks and I knew I could modify it to the shorts I wanted. Previously I had made blue check pjs, planet pjs, and terrycloth pjs out of this pattern.  T likes the longer "skater" style in the shorts.

I traced a size 146 this time instead of a 140 because the other 3 pjs are getting a tad small.  Then I put my medical exam paper over the front shorts pattern piece and traced out the pockets I wanted on the front - and added appropriate seam allowances.

Everything worked out smoothly and I had no problems.  I didn't look at the instructions because I've sewn them enough to know what they say.  I love the piping details I added; they make the shorts a bit special.

Mr. T walked in mid sewing and said "Whoa, those will be like awesome mom" and walked out.  I had to smile.

And we are slowly adjusting to back home-ness from our 2 trips a month apart. Whew! It was fun but exhausting.

Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Aquarium

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Very nice! The piping and added pockets are perfect. I was thinking today about using this pattern to make swim trunks...

    1. Thanks Joy! Great minds must think alike ;)
      Swim trunks would be amazing out of this pattern. I wonder how to insert the mesh part; mainly because I've never sewn them - I bet it would be easy to figure out.


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