Friday, January 25, 2013

First Ottobre Sewn! 6/2011 issue ~ #37 "Green Check"

I wanted to make sure the very first Ottobre I sewed was super easy so I could get the hang of their patterns, fit, and instructions.  I choose to do the #37 "Green Check" shorts from the 6/2011 issue.

These shorts are really cute and have a mock fly.  I figured they would be really easy since they are just shorts right?  I was frustrated in a few spots and walked away yesterday to clear my head.  This morning I had to laugh at myself because I was over-thinking a step that was easy.

I choose a fabric from my stash:

Woven 1/4 Gingham Royal Blue
Woven 1/4 Gingham Royal Blue from (I picked this up March 2012).  Only $2.99 a yard right now! When I picked them up they were $2.87/yard with my coupon for 15% off; so I made these shorts for less than $3! I had only 1 yard and it was just a tad too small. I had to have one back leg panel sideways and not following the same grain as the others.  In the future I will know I need 1 1/2 to 2 yards.
This Gingham is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, very lightweight.  These shorts are intended to be sleepwear for Mr. T.  I must say I prefer my 100% cotton; these were slippery to work with and my serger didn't like how light they were.

I decided to use red thread to contrast the blue and white check pattern.  I like how the red pops off the shorts (even though it's hard to see from the pics).

I'm a pictures kind of gal so I struggled with directions that were just words. Read, look at fabric, re-read, sigh.  The mock fly part was fun and made my eyes cross, until I realized what they were asking me to do.  It was a light bulb moment (Like Gru on Despicable Me).

I did have an incident where my pinking shears got away from me on the right fly and made a hole in the crotch; however, the left side flap covered the hole so I decided to stitch up that side (I know I ruined the "mock" fly part - but at least I salvaged the shorts).

Also, I was lost on the sizing aspect.  Mr. T measures all over the map on Ottobre.  He is a 134 chest, 140 sleeve and height, and a 146 waist.  I cut a 140 and I think they fit just fine. Mr. T thinks they are awesome and comfy to lounge in.  Win for Mom!

Now that I have my first Ottobre pattern under my belt I feel more confident.  I must say that I prefer quilters cotton to gingham.  I will be making more of these cute shorts in the future ~ with some cotton.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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