Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PJ's for the boy. Ottobre and Vintage McCalls

Mr. T is so picky lately but he always wears the pajamas I make.  I had a ton of nervous energy last week due to my scope being this Monday (2 days ago).  So I traced a larger sized pattern for T from both of our favorite TNT Ottobre patterns for him.  I also altered the Vintage McCall's to fit him better.  I then pre-washed and cut out 3 pairs of shorts and 2 shirts for him.  I have been slowly sewing them over the last week and finished up today. I also ripped up all the carpet in my sewing room on Sunday because I was super anxious about my thing Monday. LOL my poor husband.... he sure puts up with me.

Up first
Ottobre 06/2011 #37 Green Check Boxer Shorts and #38 Zen T-Shirt/PJ Top
These shorts have been made 8 times before,
Bart Simpson and Perry the Platypus May 2014
Long pjs pants and fuzzy shorts Jul 2013
Altered to shorts with piped pockets Jun 2013
Terry Cloth pj shorts Feb 2013
Space pj shorts with mock fly Jan 2013
Blue gingham shorts with mock fly Jan 2013

and the shirt has been made one other time before as well.
Dino pajama top

This time I sized up to a 152 for the shorts and they are just a tad large.  I cut both front pieces with the fly part and sewed them with my mock fly cheat sheet.  I sewed the very last of the space fabric, which is from T's old bedroom like 10 years ago. It is the oldest piece in my stash and now is gone. I had 1.5 yards to use and I have no idea how much it cost when I got it.  T grew out of the other pair awhile ago that I made almost 2 years ago with the same fabric. I added vintage buttons to the mock fly on these.

The flannel wilderness fabric is the softest flannel I've ever felt. It is really nice and plush and washed great.  I added cool vintage buttons to the mock fly on these too.
Fabric: "Timber Lodge Flannel Forest Animals Nature" Robert Kaufman. 100% cotton woven. From in July 2014. 1.5 yards for $8.90

The shirt I sized up to a 152. It was a fast sew and I was able to utilize my new binder attachment for my coverstitch.  I also coverstitched the sleeves in the flat before sewing them together. This made sewing the shirt a breeze.  The fabric is a really beefy and soft; cotton/lycra jersey.  1.25 yards. I purchased it in Aug 2014 from Fashionfabricsclub for only $5.50. They advertised it as 10 oz. 95% cotton 5% lycra.  You really take a chance every time you order from them and I was pleasantly surprised with this fabric. Even fabrics with the same description are totally different sometimes when I order from them. They are so cheap though so I like to take the chance.
Total for this pj outfit: $14.40

Vintage McCall's  3041
sewn one other time in Pac Man

I wanted to sew this one more time before T grew out of it.  I have it in a size 10 and I really push it by sewing that size!  He wears a 12 or sometimes a 14 now.  I left the previous alterations for the top but added 1" to the width of the shorts.  They seem to fit him much better than the last shorts I made with this pattern. I'm sad that I won't be making this anymore because it is a wonderful pattern and the instructions are amazing.  I sewed it mostly with my vintage Kenmore, but serged the seams after sewing.  I made sure to line up those crazy ninjas across the side seams and then forgot to take a picture to show you!

Fabric: 1 yard Pure Organic Solid Black, Kaufman, 100% cotton woven.  I purchased this in Oct 2012 for pants for K but never got to it.  I was happy to use it up. I did have to cut the shorts on the cross-grain to get all pieces to fit, though. $8.98. The red is "Ninjas Don't Sweat" in Red by Windham Fabrics, 100% cotton woven. 1 yard. I picked it up Sept 2014 from a Facebook group with this pj pattern in mind.  $6.00.  Total for the vintage pj set: $14.98

I enjoyed sewing all these for Mr. T and I'm happy to add to his pj wardrobe.

Fabric Totals for the year to date:
Purchased in Oct and Nov: 41.25 yards (oops, but I was ill and it felt good)
Stash from before this year, sewn this year: 47.25 yards
All Fabric sewn/sold/gave-away in 2014: 188.25 yards
Fabric purchased in 2014: 195.75 yards

So I had my scope (endoscopy) Monday and everything went ok.  They took a few biopsies and I have to wait on those. My throat and stomach are pretty darn sore from that.  So it's just a waiting game again.

Anyway, I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your festivities tomorrow :-)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. These pj's are such fun, I can definitely see why your son likes to wear them! I had an endoscopy at the beginning of the year and was pretty nervous too (gastric reflux). However I was sedated so it was a breeze! I just need to keep my stress levels down and watch what I eat. Hope you get clear results soon x x

    1. Thanks Philippa! I had a lot of fun making these.
      My scope went well, still waiting on results. :( Thanks!

  2. My son likes the Green Check Boxer Shorts too.;) All the pjs look great! That ninja fabric is really neat and you did an awesome job lining them up.

    I hope you get some answers from your endoscopy. How are you doing otherwise?

    1. Thanks Cindy! This pattern is so versatile!
      Besides the stomach I'm doing ok, lol. I just want to eat and then I'll be back in full swing. My migraines are fewer now so that is a huge plus!

  3. Sending prayers for good test results.
    Hope you and family had a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Such cute pj's..Sewing for our kids, is so fun.

    1. Thanks Judy! I hope you had a great T-day with your family too!

  4. I love these pjs! The fabrics are so perfect for a boy. I have made the Ottobre shorts for my son. He only has one pair and I need to make more since he wears them all the time and they are nearly worn thin! I really like the fabrics you made up!

    1. Thank you Shirley :D It is hard to find approved fabrics for him. I love this pattern and I'm so glad it goes all the way up to 170! You need to make some more :)

  5. I love all these pjs! And the vintage ones are especially fun. (I've started looking for the smallest men's size vintage pj patterns for my boys, who are around size 14 as well. Although some vintage patterns do come in size 16 and 18.)

    My oldest gets scoped several times a year (both directions!). After a while, the anxiety lessons because you're used to it, but it's still not fun physically. Hope you get some answers soon!

    1. Thanks Joy! I'll have to start looking at those Men's small's too. I just don't want to think he's getting to be a man!!!

      So sad for your oldest :( It is no fun at all. Poor kid.


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