Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cheetah Girl ~ Ottobre 06/2013 #26

Hello, Hello!  I'm still muddling through here.  3 weeks more until my scope. But, I have been sewing here and there to keep me busy.

Miss K had asked for a Cheetah dress a few months back right before I made her snow leopard dress (which, humorously, the fabric is called blue cheetah).  I ordered both fabrics at the same time.  I didn't want both dresses to look exactly alike so with the Cheetah one I opted for a smooth front with no gathers whereas the blue one has gathers.

Since Miss K LOVES her oranges dress I made in March and it fits her so cute, I pulled that pattern back out and made up the Cheetah dress with the long sleeves.  I lowered the waistline a good 2 inches so it was less empire-waisted.  I also omitted the clear elastic around the waist (K doesn't like it).  And I did it in one solid fabric, not patchwork.  Other than that I stuck to the pattern in a straight size 146.

It turned out lovely. I keep singing a made up song to K when she wears it "cheeeetah, cheeeeetah boniiiita" and she just rolls her eyes at me.  I sewed this up 2-3 weeks ago but K has decided she doesn't like to do pictures anymore so I have to snap them when she is wearing the item to school.

Fabric: Technically it's a Leopard print, but don't tell K.
50% Rayon 47% Polyester 3% Lycra; Tan Leopard Print Jersey Knit from fashionfabrics.com.  It is lightweight but not see through.  1.25 yards used.
Total: $6.19

There is elastic in the sleeve bottoms

the fabric has a bit of a faded look to it. 

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Adorable! Gotta get the kids started early on the 'pard! ;-)

    1. She certainly loves that print! I think my mom has influenced her!
      thanks Gail!

  2. Very nice - it really suits her and looks super comfortable.

    1. Thanks Joy! I love the brown color with her hair. Brown is not a color I could pull off ;-)

  3. So cute and lovely to see you back sewing! I am a bit behind on my blog reading so bear with me. But your daughter looks very pretty in her new dress.

    1. Thanks Philippa! It feels great to be sewing again! I was very behind on my blog reading too, so I understand. :-)


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