Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ottobre 6/2011 #38 Zen T-Shirt/Pajama Top with Upcycle

Celebrate the Boy continues at my house.  I wanted to try the Ottobre 6/2011 Zen T-shirt/Pajama Top.  Mr. T wears a size 10 in RTW so I traced and cut a size 146.  I initially didn't intend for this to be an upcycle but I did not have enough fabric in the dinosaur to properly make the sleeves.  The pattern called for 80cm of fabric or just shy of a yard.  I blindly ordered a yard not paying attention to the width.  Sadly I realized this after I had gotten into gear to make the shirt (my fabric was only 48 in wide, not 60).  I set off to dig in my stash of fabrics and the only thing that sort of matched was an old Hollister shirt of my husbands.  I figured what the heck, I'm just testing this pattern anyway.

The results are awesome.  I have to be honest, I didn't look at the pattern directions at all on this one.  I sewed the shoulders together first, then added the neck ribbing (cut up from my old WalMart tank top). I then proceeded to add the sleeves in while the fabric was flat and then sew from bottom hem of shirt up through the armpit and down to the sleeve ends.  I much prefer this way than easing in the sleeves in a round fashion.  I serged all but the hems of my fabric and I used my double needle on the shoulders as well as the hems.  I decided not to add ribbing to the sleeve cuffs.  My husband even complimented me on how well I did!  Wow!

I must say, I LOVE this pattern!!!  The fit was excellent. The shirt is a tad big but I'm happy for that because T has time to grow into it.  Lovely as he always is, he snatched the shirt, put it on, and proclaimed his love for it.

 Those shorts look familiar?  They are an upcycle from April 2012 and T still loves them. 

Now that I know the yardage to use and that it fits great I can make some actual T shirts and not Pj tops out of this pattern.  It is definitely going in my *favorite* pile!

The fabric?  It was part of a bunch I ordered from The Fabric Fairy.  $6.39/yard double knit cotton.  I have mixed reviews on the fabric.  when it came it was horribly stiff and not soft at all.  I wasn't sure if I even wanted to use it.  I washed and dried the fabric and it did come out softer so it is just ok in my book on softness.  The fabric was also horribly off grain.  Would I use it again? No. But it was ok for this one project.
I just want to add, I am by no means bashing The Fabric Fairy, the rest of the knits I received from there (5 more) are all wonderful.  It is just this particular knit I didn't care for. :-)

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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