Thursday, November 6, 2014

MegaMan ~ Ottobre 06/2013 #39 and Jalie 3355

Mr. T came up to me and asked for a Halloween costume 7 days before he needed it.  Seven days??? ok, ok. What did he want to be? Megaman.  He wanted the helmet from Amazon (Mega Man Helmet (Standard)) but the rest he wanted made.

Mom got to action.  I had 2 yards of Aqua Cotton Velour, a yard of blue sweatshirt fleece, and a half yard of Royal Blue Jersey Knit in my stash as well as a scrap piece of Red Jersey Knit.  I went and picked up some craft foam from Wal-Mart along with yellow paint.

I used two patterns for the suit.

The top is Ottobre 06/2013 #39 a raglan long sleeve tee. I used size 152 for T who is 12/14 RTW. It fit perfectly.  I used the Aqua Velour for the main part and cut the sleeves at the elbow and sewed blue sweatshirt fleece for the rest of the arm. I had no issues sewing this up and the instructions were great.

The bottoms are Jalie 3355 The sweat pants, I omitted the pockets.  I traced out the underwear parts from front and back of the pattern, winging it. And sewed these in the blue sweatshirt fleece onto the other parts of the pants in the aqua velour.  The underwear part looks a bit funny, but the main idea is there.  I sewed up a size 155 and they were a bit big.  The rise is a tad high, too.

Jalie 3355 - Sweatshirt, sweat pants, hoodie

I then formed the cuff and leg parts out of the foam roll, sewed royal blue jersey in a tube and stretched it over the foam parts. I then glued the royal jersey to the inner parts of the foam.  The blaster I attached a bit of red jersey to the one side of the fabric tube, cobalt to the other, and stretched it over a foam tube I created.  Then I painted the yellow bits on with paint.

All in all it came together, thankfully.  T wore it to his first middle school party and also out trick or treating with the family.  He was so overjoyed when people recognized who he was.

Fabrics:1 yard Blue Sweatshirt Fleece, purchased Aug 2013 from Mill End for $3.95
1/2 yard Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey Knit Royal, Kaufman, purchased Feb 2014 $3.49
2 yards Aqua Cotton Velour, purchased Feb 2014 from a facebook group $14.80
Craft foam from Walmart $10
Yellow Paint from Walmart $1.50
Helmet from Amazon $22
Red and Blue gloves from Walmart $1
Total Spent on Costume: $56.74

I tried my best. :-)

Miss K went as a Minecraft creeper (easy for me because Mr. T was this last year). I made the pants but the rest we had purchased for T last year.

I hope you all had a great Halloween!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. WOW, this turned out fantastic! You did great pulling all that together in 7 days! Don't you just love it. Since our kids see us creating so much, it is nothing for them to put in their requests. And because we don't disappoint, it reaffirms to them that we can do it. ha ha I love these kinds of costumes for Halloween as well.

    1. Thanks Shirley. I do love it when I can give them what they were thinking of. I hope that creativity passes on to them!

  2. Wow, you are super mom, sewing when you've been under the weather so long. How great T could have this costume he thought up, which you couldn't in the store (and certainly not in such a warm version!)

    Only 3 of mine went out trick-or-treating and they were left to their own devices this year - wearing previous costumes or making something up from their dress-up clothes. It was so cold, hardly any of the kids out looked like they were really wearing costumes anyway, hehe.

    1. Thanks Joy! Trust me, I looked to find it in the store! ha! It was terribly cold and windy for us. We trudged through about an hour and then came home frozen.
      I think it's great that your kids made up their own costumes this year from previous.
      My kids get all that candy and then let it sit. Thankfully they don't really care for it!

  3. I don't know who Megaman is but I love it all the same, because you can see from the smiles how much T loved it!

    1. It's ok Gail, I have to admit that I had to google who he was too! hahaha. Thanks!

  4. Awesome costume! You nailed the details!


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