Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pants, Pants, Pants. Ottobre 01/2009 #29 Saija Sweatpants

Constant dilemma, Miss K always seems to need pants. Then, when I finally get her caught up on pants she hits a growth spurt!  Plus K refuses to wear jeans; she can't ever find ones that fit her in the store.  So I have no option but to sew her some pants.

I used this pattern last year and I love the look of these pants.  K has outgrown the purple pair, but the navy ones are still going strong. (the other two pants in that post do not fit anymore either).

Ottobre 01/2009 #29 Saija Sweatpants

I made three pairs (in October) and Miss K finally let me get a few pics.

Pair one is an orange cotton velour with aqua ribbing. There is 3" elastic in the ribbing waistband to ensure they stay up.  K wouldn't let me get a picture in them :(  But these fit great.

Pair two is a green cotton velour with no ribbing. I added a bit to the rise and put in 3/4" elastic. I think I like it with the ribbing better but K doesn't mind either way.

The third pair is with blue sweatshirt fleece.  It has a cotton/lycra band on top.  It is a bit snug at first but loosens a bit during the day to be comfortable.  This pair has pockets of jersey by K's request.  I don't like pockets in knit pants because they always seem to want to bunch up or pop out. And these certainly do.
Sorry for the terrible pics. It was 6am and this is all I could get


All three pairs are a straight size 146. They are a tad long and baggy on K now but I wanted to ensure they would make it through this year without K growing out of them!

Orange cotton velour and Green cotton velour both from a facebook group buy in Feb 2014. 1 yard each, $7.40 each.
Blue Sweatshirt Fleece from mill end back in August 2013, 1 yard, $3.50.

Also,yesterday I was able to trace, pre-wash, and cut 3 tops out for me.  A renfrew, a plantain, and one of my favorite Ottobres; all for myself!  I hope to get them sewn this week.

And in my down time I went through all my patterns and magazines and created an excel database of every pattern I wanted to sew. I made separate tabs for myself, K, T, and Mr. Now when I get done with a project I can just look at it and jump to the next!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Hurray! My daughter likes the looks of these, so it gives me another type of pant I can make for her! LOL Thanks for posting. All I ever do is make yoga pants for her, so this is a good alternative. I also have this issue, so I'm happy. No jeans for K...non for my daughter either. Who doesn't like jeans? Our girls I guess. I can't wait to see what you think of the Renfrew. I'm kind of torn between 2 sizes. One is a little snug, but the next up almost is a little big. I'd like to make the plantain too. You have been busy with creating an excel database--very busy! I need to do something like that, but every time I think about doing something else, I feel guilty for not working more on my son's quilt.

    1. That's awesome Shirley! Kids are so darn picky with the pants. I was just going to try the Jalie yoga pant for K, too!
      Your son's quilt is sure time consuming! But it will be oh-so-awesome when done!

  2. We're lacking in pants around here too. I have to make sure I do laundry at least every 2 days or else MG and BK won't have any to wear!

    The Saija sweatpants look comfy to wear and fit her nicely!

  3. I like the Saija sweatpants - they're a nice shape (not too sweatpanty) and look cozy in the materials you chose.

    Yay for excel spreadsheets! haha I have mine organized on excel, too, but am always tweaking how I have it arranged. I like your idea of different tabs for different people. Do you input individual patterns (that you want to sew) from the magazines?

    1. Thanks Joy, I love the shape of them too.
      For my excel spreadsheets I put the name of the company, issue, the pattern #, the type it is, how many yards required and a description :) I highlight the ones I really want to use, too. I love having the tabs separate because I can quick look at all I want to make for me, separate form k and t, lol. I tend to organize my organization hahahaha. ;-)

    2. Oops! I forgot, I also put required fabric type and a column for planned fabric if it's already in my stash :-)


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