Friday, May 23, 2014

Ottobre 06/2011 ~ #37 Green Check Shorts

I think I can safely say that the season has changed over to Spring for us finally.  We have 40-50°F weather one day and 75-85°F weather the next.  When the weather creeps up for a day or two I try to avoid turning on the air conditioning because I know in 2 days it will be cooler again! So when we had hot weather this past week and everyone was wilting indoors I realized that the kids have outgrown their summer pjs.  Those darn kids and their growing. . .

Mr. T never wears a shirt to bed and sweats even in the dead of winter.  I pulled out my trusty Ottobre shorts pattern and set to make him up some new ones.  You have seen me make this pattern multiple times now and it is most certainly a winner.  The fit is superb and the length spot on.

Other times I've made these:
Terry cloth with ribbing
Blue Gingham
Space Fabric
Shorts with Piping

I sized up to a 152 for T and they turned out a tad big. I'm sure by summers end they will fit perfectly though, and he doesn't mind.  I wanted to use up this awesome Agent P fabric before T outgrows the show. Actually he never watches it anymore but is ok with the print for pajamas only.  I also bought some Bart Simpson fabric specifically for T to surprise him.  He loved them even though they were pricey.


I sewed the mock fly on these with my cheat sheet (see below), and used my cover stitch for the hems, fly top-stitching, and waistband top-stitching.  Since I sewed them up assembly line style  they went really fast.  I have 1 more pair to make him and he should be set for summer pjs.  I also plan to make him some shorts out of the same pattern.

I have 2 nightgowns cut and ready to sew for Miss K, and I am still working on shorts for myself but have run into some fitting issues.... those darn fitting issues!

1.5 yards Agent P, 100% cotton , $6
1.5 yards Bart Simpson, 100% cotton, $21 ouch! but they were special for him.

May Totals:
(stash is anything purchased before this year)
Stash used: 0 yards
Fabric Out: 11 yards
Fabric In: 28

Totals for the year to date:
Stash sew this year: 27 yards
Fabric out in 2014: 106 yards
Fabric in 2014: 105.5 yards

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Great shorts...
    Hope you get to sew your shorts too.. [oh boy.. I hate those fitting issues too..]Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Judy! I keep thinking about my problem spot and reading up on it and then psyching myself out.... I just need to buckle down and get it done! I hope your weekend is great too!

  2. Kids are definitely so much easier to fit than adults! The shorts are great. Cool prints!

    1. It's not fair how easy they are to fit :)
      Thanks Philippa!

  3. They look great! I love the prints you's hard to find good novelty prints that aren't too babyish for older boys. I used the same pattern for some pj shorts for my son recently. I'll have to use your cheat sheet for the fly, I've been doing it per the insturctions. Any way I can cut down on sewing time is a plus!

    1. Thanks Cindy! It is very hard to find good tween boy prints. :(
      This pattern is the best - I like to collect random cheats to make things go faster too! lol

  4. Great shorts! You're right - it's a good pattern that keeps on giving. I'm about to trace the next of these and try to use up some cowboy quilting cotton I have.

    1. Thanks Joy! I love that not only do I love it, but so many others do too. It's just so versatile and well drafted. Plus it is really nice to use up that cotton. I've dropped my cotton stash to about 1/2 the size it was 2 years ago :D


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