Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet Sundress for Miss K ~ McCalls 5419

I found the perfect pattern for the exact dress I wanted to make Miss K for our camping trip this coming weekend.  It is supposed to be hot and I wanted her to be pretty, comfortable, and cool.  This dress accomplished all three.
I used McCall's Pattern 5419.  I made a size 7 in View C which called for 7/8 of a yard of fabric.  I picked up this adorable mushroom fabric (you know me and mushrooms!) at Hancock's yesterday for less than $4 and I got a little more than a yard.  I came home, laid out the two pattern pieces and then spent a half an hour trying to arrange them to fit the darn yard.  It just wouldn't work and I was not happy.  First, for the 44 inches wide I had to use one side of piece 1 and 2 and then flip them to use the other sides for a continuous piece.  Well, I'm not good at flipping when I'm trying to visually see if the pattern will fit.  So I broke out the freezer paper and traced the opposite sides of piece 1 and 2 then lined them up to their counterparts.  Still no fitting.  I was extremely disappointed.  Eventually I just adjusted the way the pieces were (making them no longer straight in front but kind of at a tilt and then they JUST BARELY fit).  So if you are making this pattern and have a patterned fabric, BUY MORE than the 7/8.
Everything else went quick and smooth as a breeze.  Took me a half an hour to whip this up and cost about $6 total after fabric and bias tape.

 See how these sides above didn't match up :(  boo.  I was so disappointed.
The bottom picture of the other side miraculously did match up though. 
 Miss K told me the dress is perfect for swinging.  It didn't fly up! :)

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