Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miss K's Rainbow Dress

I snagged this fabric at a Hancock sale recently (even though I was banned from buying more fabric).  I couldn't pass it up it is the most adorable pattern! (called Jungle Gym to be exact)  Miss K loved it so much so I thought it would be a cute simple dress.  I used the Simplicity Jumper pattern 2156.  I added a very soft white muslin lining.  The fabric is wonderful and so is the lining; however the jumper itself is lackluster.  I should have used a sundress pattern from the start. My mistake.  K loves it though so it is a win still.  She refused to let me hem it she wanted to keep the serger sides to it.  I think it gives it a more natural feel.  Today we hit 80 degrees so the minute Miss K got home from kindergarten she hit the sprinkler (that's why her hair is wet!).


  1. Miss K looks so adorably stylish wearing her cheerfully chic jumper!

  2. Thanks so much HeathersSphere! :) She does love it. I think it's the pattern. I smile when I see it too!


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