Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Awesome Rummage Sale Find!

Holy patterns, fabric and more Batman!  Did I land myself in a land of awesomeness! I very rarely find garage sales that have anything to do with sewing in my area.  Last night I checked Craigslist about 9pm because Miss K is desperate for a Barbie House..... ugh.  I noticed an estate sale that said tons of fabric and patterns.  OMG!  YAY!  So I went.  I'm very glad I did.  The ladies running the show were wonderful.  I loved every minute of going through the fabric and tons of patterns (a lot was vintage too!). Below are the pictures of the TONS of stuff I made out with!!! I also found 1 more sale on my way home; the gal had a cute "Fabric" sign out on her lawn.  LOL.
So for ONLY $25, yes you read that right, $25 I nabbed this entire lot of goodies below!  SUPER PUMPED RIGHT NOW!  My washing machine is ready too!

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