Friday, May 4, 2012

Fuzzy PJ's for Mr. T

Mr. T loves all things that feel fuzzy.  He has a sensory issue.  To make him happy this summer I made him his first pair of summer flannel PJs for this year.  He anxiously awaited the completion of them even when I ran into a buttonhole issue that delayed them two days.  (my fault totally, I didn't have my buttonhole foot thing set up right).  Anyway, super easy to make and they look cute too!  Maybe I'll actually get him to wear a shirt now!
Used Simplicity pattern 2046; Fabric from Sports Flannel Blue, Item # FA-200 (on sale right now for only $5.98 a yard!). Head over to check it out! It is super, super soft fabric.   Free Shipping on orders $35+

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