Thursday, May 17, 2012

Color-Block Skirt Tutorial

Color-Block Skirt

Final entry (#3) for the children's portion of Skirt Week over at Crafterhours


I had gotten this fabric a few weeks ago and knew what I wanted to make with it.  I just didn't know exactly how I wanted to make it so I waited and gave my mind some time to get creative.  Last night I couldn't sleep and all that was on my mind was this skirt!  I knew I wanted to make Miss K a color block skirt because they are so cute and apparently the coolest thing right now.  I can see why too; now I want to make one for myself!! Anyway, it took me only an hour to whip this little puppy up and I'm so excited that it turned out exactly like what I thought in my head!!!! (it doesn't happen that way too often so I'll enjoy it!)

Things you will need: 
2 different colors or patterns of fabric.  (the amount will vary based on the size of the child/or adult)
a ruler to measure the fabric
scisorrs or a rotary tool to cut the fabric
1 package piping (again, depends on the size you are making. for a size 7 child I used 1 package piping).
sewing machine
3/4 inch elastic

Step 1: 
Determine the size of your rectangles.  (This step looks long and hard but it is not)
Here is how I did it. Miss K is a waist of 24 inches so I multiplied this by 1.5 to get 36 inches. Then divide that number in half for the length of the rectangles.  Mine were 18 inches long.  Next, I found how long I wanted the skirt to be on Miss K and added 1.5 inches.  I like Miss K's to be 14.5 inches long so I added 1.5 and came to 16 for the height of both rectangles.  Now I know I want one to be smaller and one to be larger so I adjusted the sizes.  Rectangles of orange I wanted 10 inches in height so I cut them to be 11 inches; blue I then cut to be 5 inches (11 for orange + 5 for blue was the 16 I wanted).  

OK now I know I am cutting 2 rectangles of 18 x 11 in orange and 2 rectangles in blue of 18 x 5.  

 You will end with something like above which I then lay out like below (because I'm a visual person)
Step 2:
Take your piping and attach to the top of the left RIGHT SIDE orange piece and the top of the right RIGHT SIDE blue piece.  Sew onto the fabric with your zipper foot and stay right up against the piping.  
Step 3: 
Lay RIGHT SIDE of left orange piece on to RIGHT SIDE top of left bottom blue piece. (sorry if this sounds confusing! refer to pictures to help explain) Sew them together using zipper foot and staying right next to piping.  
 You will end up with something like the below picture when done.  Repeat this for the other side but lay the top right blue piece RIGHT SIDES together with bottom right side orange piece.
 Step 4: 
Place piping on side of one of the pieces as shown below.  This will turn out to be the middle of the skirt. Sew this piping on using zipper foot and staying close to piping
 Step 5: 
Lay other rectangle onto the piece you just applied piping to, RIGHT SIDES together and sew using zipper foot staying close to piping.  You should now have just one side open.  
 Repeat steps 4 and 5 to that side so you have an entire skirt as below. (I serged my top and bottom raw edges here but this is not required.  You can zig zag stitch just as well)
 Step 6:
Fold top of skirt over 1 inch and sew, leaving an opening to put in the elastic.  Cut elastic the size of the wearer's waist minus 1.  So for Miss K her waist is 24 - 1. I cut the elastic to 23 inches. Insert elastic and sew the small opening shut. 
Hem the bottom, turn up the skirt 1/2 inch and sew.  

Step 7: 

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