Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Halter Sundress for Miss K ~ McCall's 5419

I made a second dress out of the McCall's 5419 pattern, View F this time.  The first one I loved so much! You can see it here.
This one had the same issue with the amount of fabric it asked for and laying out of the pattern pieces.  I traced each of them onto freezer paper because I'm a visual person and I just can't flip the piece over to make sure that it is fitting.  Anyway, after that was finished the dress came together very quickly.  The fabric is a pique that I got from Hancock's at the sale last week and I paid less than $4 for it.  It is really cute.

The good:  the pattern is easy to follow and quick to finish. - I like that! I added bias tape to the bottom hem and neck tie because I wanted a contrasting color to pop on the dress.  
The bad: you need more than a yard of fabric which the pattern doesn't state.  The neck string was WAY to short and the elastic in the back was about 2 inches too big.  I would also suggest turning in and finishing the side sleeve openings BEFORE attaching the back to the dress. It just looked sloppy when it made me do it the other way. 

I'm not sure if I'll make this one again.  I know I will make view C though with the shoulder ties because I liked that one way better. I think I will try some of the tank tops and shorts next though.

Huge gap here that I don't like.  If you are standing behind her you can see straight down to her undies :(

On a side note, Miss K has 2 more loose teeth on top.  My poor girl is going to be totally toothless on the top soon!!! Ugh!

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