Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pokemon Mini Backpack for Mr. T (upcycle)

I won an award today for being the coolest mom ever :)
Mr. T has a class trip in the next few weeks and he can't take a backpack with him.  He also informed me that he would need a camera, mp3 player for the long bus ride and money.  He also said he wouldn't care a "murse" his words exactly.  How a 9 year old knows what a "murse" consists of is beyond me.  Anyway we scoured the patterns and found this Kwik Sew 2379 for mini backpacks.  Mr. T was pumped when I said I could use one of his old Pokemon shirts to make him a Pokemon bag.  (BONUS! Upcycling one of his favorite old tees!) I got all the supplies and had this puppy done in no time.  It was really fun to make it and the directions were super easy.  Mr. T is stoked and I'm happy he will have a holder for his stuff (as he tends to forget lots of things).  I think it turned out better than I had hoped.
The eyelets were a breeze too (my first time using them).

Fabric of blue check and orange lining I picked up at Hancock, it is cotton duck; parachute strap clips, webbing, and drawstring I picked up there as well.  Eyelets I found at Wal-mart and the fun tool to put them together (I asked the store clerk where the "wacking thing" was for eyelets.  She laughed at me.) The only thing I would change in retrospect would be a magnetic snap on the front bottom pocket.  The pattern called for no closure and with a little boy..... bad things are bound to happen with that. I see a snap on the picture and on the pattern drawing but I didn't' see it in the instructions (unless I really overlooked it).

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