Thursday, January 17, 2013

Having a bad day? Make some soft, fuzzy pjs!

Mr. T came home from school yesterday in a terrible mood.  Someone had swiped his new snow boots and he was very upset.

I wanted him to feel better and I know he loves soft and fuzzy things so I whipped up some new pajama pants for him.   When I was finished I had leftover fabric so I figured I'd whip up some for Miss K as well.

Now we really don't like to match in our house and the kids looked at each other kinda funny; I have to admit it is pretty funny and I can't wait for dad to come home so I can mess with him!

Anyway I used Simplicity 2290 for the pattern for each child  I didn't follow the instructions because they are super simple to make.  Also, since I already made this once before with the  sports fleece, I had both kids' exact fit drawn out on freezer paper.  To see what I had to alter check out the previous post here.  Total time from cutting to finished was only about 15 min each.

The fabric is a polyester faux fur on a knit backing so I serged it all but the hems and waistband.
We had picked up this fabric at Mill End Textiles back in August 2012 so I was happy to get it used up and out of my stash pile!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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