Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Readying the sewing supplies! School starts next week!

I'm so excited for my kids to be back in school.  I know I should feel a little sad but they sure do wear you out all day long.  My lovely 6 yr old talks non-stop and my ears hurt so much!  School started back up for me on Monday (graduate school) and I like to have a quiet house during the day to work on my assignments.

I also love the quiet house so I can rest in peace sew in my room all to myself. I've been readying my supplies these last 2 weeks or so and plan to have a whirlwind of things to do.  I shared a few posts of materials I ordered plus I found some steals at goodwill (see below)

Goodwill finds:
Red rayon fabric: 4 yards!! only $4!!!
Blue cotton fabric: 2 yards, $3
Floral stripe: 2 yards, $1
Green Soccer: 1 yard, $1
Pokemon sheet!: twin, $4
Vintage yellow floral sheet!: full, $4

I managed a quick visit to Mill End Textiles in Eau Claire but wasn't all that impressed.  I think has spoiled me way too much.  My kiddos managed to get me to buy them some minky-type fabric for what else, pj pants.

Miss K picked the top light blue and white zebra print.
Mr. T picked the blue and green cheetah print.

Yes, my kids are weird. :-)

I ordered some things last night via amazon and eBay and they should be here by Friday!!! YAY!
(However, I have found the best way to save money is to stay off amazon and eBay late at night!!!)

2 new feet for my Brother Sewing machine. I'm super pumped about both!

And I snagged a massive amount of vintage buttons on eBay. These 2 pictures aren't even the half of it.

As you can see between all the fabric I've been ordering and supplies I've been stocking up on, I have a lot to do starting next week!!

As summer comes to an end I look forward to fall sewing.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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