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A-Line Skirt with Fitted Waist ~ How To Get The Perfect Fit!

I've had a fascination with skirts ever since I was little. I don't know why or what it is about them but I just love skirts!  Most of them are super easy to make too, so that is a bonus!

I put a bit of time into getting this skirt to be just perfect.  I drew up the pattern to my exact measurements, pre-washed my fabrics, made a muslin and adjusted it, added darts and re-made a muslin and then finally cut into my fabric and sewed it up!  Guess what?  I'm over the moon with the results!  Let me show you how you can make your own A-Line skirt with a fitted waist to your exact measurements.

Alright here are the measurements you need to take:
Take your waist (or where you want your skirt to sit on your body) and then add 2 inches for seam allowance (SA) and 1 inch for ease.  My waist was 36 + 2 SA and 1 ease = 39.  Then you divide by 4.  I came to 9.75 inches.
Now measure your hip and add 2 for SA and 2 for ease; and then divide that number by 4.  I had 42 +2 +2 = 46/4= 11.5 inches.
Now figure out how far you waist is to your hip measurement and add 1 inch for SA. I had 6 + 1 = 7 inches.
Finally figure your length you want from waist to bottom of skirt and add 1 inch for SA and 1 for hem.  I had 24 + 1 + 1 for a total of 26 inches.

OK let's put the above numbers to a pattern.
Here is my lovely drawing.... :)
Trust me, this isn't going to be hard.  For dot number 1 just mark it on the paper near the top left side but leave enough room on top for another 2 inches.  After marking dot 1, mark dot 2 exactly 1 inch above dot 1.   Take a ruler across from dot 2 and mark dot 3 with your first measurement (the waist one, mine was 9.75 inches).  Draw a dotted line between dot 2 and 3.  Now you will make the curve from dot 1 to dot 3, not quite as drastic as my drawing but gradually curve up from dot 1 to dot 3 as shown in my blue line.
Dot 4 is your 3rd measurement from waist to hip.  Measure from dot 2 down to mark dot 4 with your measurement (mine was 7 inches).  Take a ruler and measure over from dot 4 to mark dot 5 with your 2nd measurement (the hip one, mine was 11.5 inches).  From dot 2 measure down to mark dot 6 (this is your length, mine was 26 inches. Finally, measure over with the curve from dot 1 to dot 3 with the ruler to mark a few spots of the length (this will help draw the bottom skirt curve).  Make the line from dot 3, through dot 5 to connect with the length curve on the bottom.

Your pattern is complete!  Be sure to cut the muslin first.  Cut two identical pieces for front and back with this pattern (you will insert a side zipper).  Also, I used a facing for mine (no lining) because I wear a slip. To cut a facing use the top 3 inches of the pattern and cut 2 pieces).

To sew:
1. Baste from waist down 7 inches on left side of skirt, then sew the rest of the side normally with 1/2 inch seam allowance. Insert zipper where basting is. (there are many great tutorials of inserting a zipper on the web)
2. Sew other side of skirt with right sides together.
3. Sew on facing.
4. Add pockets if you choose.  Put whatever type you would like onto the skirt.
5. Finish the hem.

Wa-La!  done!
 I love these pockets!

 The fabric is perfect for me!

Here is the facing.
Back View

Now that I have the pattern drawn up to my exact size I can make a variety of these skirts with endless options!  I'm super excited.  I think I'll be wearing this skirt all spring and summer. 

Fabric Info: 
Riley Blake The Simple Life Childrens Chores Aqua                                                                Sugar Blossom Ditsy Floral Red
The Simple Life Children's Chores in Aqua                            Sugar Blossom Ditsy Floral Red
100% Cotton ~ Riley Blake                                         (I used Black, White & Currant but it's unavailable)

Next I'll be using my pattern to make an elastic waist A-Line skirt in a funky way!  My excitement can't be contained here!!!

I hope you are able to use my instructions to make your own perfect A-Line skirt!  Let me know if you have any questions.  

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Excellent idea. Could you post your idea for elastic waistband version of this skirt? Is this possible without a bulky or bunched waistline?

    1. Thanks for your comment LG. I would be happy to post my idea for the elastic waistband version (much easier!). I plan on making that one this coming week. I'll post about it and let you know about the bulky/bunched waistline :D

      Look for that post soon! and thanks again!

  2. Buy the ugly wrapping paper that no one wants after the holidays when it is 90% off...if you are lucky it will have inch markings already on the back for you. Cheap, easy pattern drafting material. :-) Trying this skirt out today!

    1. That is a really great idea for drafting paper :D Thanks! I hope you had great success in trying the skirt out yesterday. I'd love to know how it went for you


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