Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fleece PJ pants ~ Simplicity 2290 had a great Sports Fleece sale a week or so ago and I jumped on it.  My husband has been whining asking for some fleece Brewers pants for a while now. As you all know, fleece can be downright expensive!  My husband needs 3 yards, or so the pattern stated.  So when I got the email that Team Fleece was only $4.99 a yard!!!! WOW. I jumped on that real quick! :)
I had the Simplicity 2290 pattern for about 6 months now (grabbed it when it was $0.99).  I know it might seem silly to buy a pants pattern but I wanted to test it out.  You never know, there may be some secret tips the pattern reveals.
I laid out the Packer fleece for Miss K and cut out her pjs.  For her body I had to alter the pattern piece a bit.  Medium in hips/waist and Small in length.  I only used 1 yard of the 2 the pattern called for.  When I sewed hers up, they were super, super big in the rise.  I don't like Steve Urkel pants!  They were also really long for her still.

I also laid out some of the Brewers fleece for Mr. T and cut his out - a straight medium. However, I altered the length because I knew his inseam was about 3 - 4 inches less than the pants stated.  Also, I only needed 1 yard for him, not the 2 3/8 yards the pattern asked for. His are a bit big in the rise still even though I cut out 2 inch from the top.

They turned out cute and fuzzy nonetheless and the pattern was with no surprises - simple and straightforward. I just can't believe how much excess fabric I have.  Miss K's pattern asked for 2 so I have 1 extra yard.  Mr. T's asked for 2 3/8,  so I have 1 1/2 yards left over.  I'm afraid how much I'll have of mine  and my husbands because the pattern asked for 3 yards each.

Front view
Back view

I still haven't cut out my husband's pants yet because I ran out of tracing paper :( boo. I also need to cut mine out as well.

Interested in the fabric?  You can get directly to them by clicking the pictures below.  Thanks!

MLB Fleece Milwaukee Brewers Blocks Black      NFL Fleece San Francisco 49ERS Red      NFL Fleece Green Bay Packers
 Brewers                          49ers                          Packers

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Maybe you bought fabric for 45" wide material instead of looking at the 60" wide for fleece. Most fleece is that wide I think. They are just adorable! the pants and the kids! have fun making yours.

    1. I think you may be right ;-)
      I still haven't gotten around to cutting out mine or DH's. He's still whining; lol.

      Thanks for the comment!


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