Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simplicity 2874.... hmm.

I've had this pattern on my to-do list since fall.  I had the fabric and everything; I just didn't seem to get to it.
I cut into it a week and a half ago and was in high spirits about it.  I had cute visions in my head.  I love the way the sleeves look and the construction went very smoothly.

I finished the top yesterday and I was so confused.  I choose the top (View A), not the tunic or dress.  I couldn't believe how LONG this "top" was.  It came down to Miss K's knees! She wasn't happy about it because she is in an anti-dress mood and I don't blame her since it's winter.

I re-read the pattern instructions, looked at the pattern pieces until my eyes dried out, and stared at the envelope picture.  Where did I go wrong?  Did I cut something to long?  Nope. The pattern is just VERY LONG.  The top makes a dress.  I'm sure the dress makes an almost floor length dress. Talk about disappointment.

I went back into the sewing room and proceeded to take SEVEN inches off in length (not including the hem which adds another 1.25 inches)! Holy cow! I hemmed it back up and Miss K isn't thrilled with it.  She doesn't hate it but I can tell it won't be a favorite. She is a super self conscious girl (wish I knew why) and she doesn't like the poofy-ness of it by the stomach.

The corduroy is too heavy of a fabric for any flowing.  The bottom part of the top poofs out funny because of that.  The sleeves are a bit tight on Miss K at the shoulders as well.

The directions on the pattern are great and the construction is easy.  However, if I sew this top again I'll be using a lighter weight fabric such as cotton.  I'll also make the sleeves bigger around at the shoulder and a little bit longer. I'll also know to cut 8.25 inches less off the length of the top (which they call the "skirt" portion; I think number 6 in the pattern pieces).  I grade the pattern with a B.  It has potential and now I know how to make it work better for Miss K.

Here are the sleeves that I really like.  It's hard to see from the corduroy but they are cinched in the middle there.

The fabric is a corduroy I picked up from Hancock over a year ago.  It is hot pink with cute apple designs on it.  They have a great winter sale going on right now with the corduroy on sale!

125x125 Winter Sale - Ends January 13th

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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