Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Upcycle ~ Dad's old tee to son's tank top!

I love when I can re-purpose an item.  It makes me feel so happy inside.  I've gotten quite the pile of things to re-purpose as well.... Some I have ideas for and some I'm clueless on but that is ok.  Today I pulled this old shirt out of the pile.  It is one of my husband's favorite from years ago but no longer fits him.

I used a pattern for this project even though I know I could wing it on my own, I still wanted an official pattern.  I picked McCall's 6099 (super easy pattern). 

My husband walked by as I was cutting up his shirt and he was all like "Oh no! My favorite shirt! What are you doing to it!"  I gently reminded him that it no longer fits him and proceeded to hack away :-)

2 pieces cut on the fold.  Sew the shoulders and side seams (I did this with the serger); then hem the neck, arm holes, and bottom.  BOOM!  That's it.  This took me all of 1/2 hour to do.  Mr. T is such a skinny-minny that it is a bit hard to find things that fit him right.  I can see that it drops way too low in the neckline so next time I will add 2 inches to the scoop part.  I also want it a bit longer on him so I will add 2 inches to the bottom.  

The pattern couldn't be any easier.  Super simple for anyone to make.  I like the shape of the tank on T (with the modifications I plan to make next time).  I made it in a size 8 because he wavers between an 8 and a 10. Since this one was my "test" one I think it will go nicely with his upcycled PJ shorts for bedtime!

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