Friday, June 1, 2012

**Closed ** Fabric Friday Giveaway!

Today begins a new permanent post for the blog.  Fabric Friday Giveaway!  Every other Friday I will be holding a giveaway for some fabric!  Yay! The type and kind will vary but the results will still be awesome! Free fabric for YOU!!!

Today's Fabric Friday Giveaway is a cute patterned fabric as shown below.  Tiny little houses and hearts!  There is 1 yard of 44 inches wide and it has been prewashed. 100% cotton. I picked this up from an elderly friend of mine so it may or may not be vintage.... sorry, I don't know for sure!

Specifics, Rules, etc....
1. Giveaway is open from Friday, June 1st, 2012 to Monday June 4th, 2012 at 9am central time. 
2. Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world (as long as they are followers of the blog) 
3. Random number generator will determine the winner at that time and it will be posted on this post

To enter: 
1. You must be a visible follower of this blog (top right side of blog there is a link to become a follower).  
2. You must leave a comment on this post answering the below question.  Thanks and good luck!

Today's Question is:  Who do you enjoy sewing for the most?


  1. I'm a new follower.

    My daughter, she's 15 and I love making her a new bag and now I'm working on a quilt for her bed in the fabrics she's picking.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  2. Vintage or almost fabric is fun. I got a huge box from a lady down the street who got it from her mother. Some of the material in the box had tags on them of stores that went away before I was born was fun to get and I have used some of it now in quilts I have made.

  3. I'm a GFC follower & also received your posts by email. I enjoy sewing for myself the most - by that I mean I enjoy the process of choosing a pattern, selecting fabric & then sewing everything together. What I make is usually given to family members, friends or charity donations. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. ...for my four year old son, thanks!

  5. I like to sew for my 9 year old sister.


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