Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simplicity 2046 (aka 2738) ~ More PJ's! (3 sets)

I got the idea to lay 3 different fabrics down and cut out the simplicity 2046 PJ pattern from all 3 at once.  I was so optimistic!  Mr. T loves his other PJ's in this pattern so I picked a cute squirrel pattern for his pajamas.  Miss K really needs some new pajamas so I picked out an adorable yellow fabric with flowers and ladybugs on it.  She picked a super soft pink fabric with roses on it.  I figured since she fits in most his clothes that the PJs would fit her.  That was my first mistake of many to follow!
I cut the top out of the fabric and then went to do the shorts..... I didn't have enough of the roses or ladybugs for the shorts.  Oh no!  I jumped on and ordered some lime green and bright yellow double sided flannel fabric for her shorts.  In my chaos, I only ordered 1/2 yard..... it came and I realized it was not enough. BOO! Back to to order a yard of each; but this time I had to order another yard of the squirrel fabric too because I somehow messed up the shorts. UGH!

So I finally got everything together, cut and sewn.  Miss K's pajamas are huge on her. . . Mr. T loves his.  Me on the other hand? I'm just glad to be done with the ordeal. LOL.

I still have to add the sleeves and buttons to the rose ones.   

 I love this squirrel pattern!

 They really do fit Mr. T well! (too bad he doesn't want ladybug or rose pj's too!)

Pink roses from clearance rack at Hancocks ~ 1.5 yards (needed 2) $3.50 Comfy Double Napped Flannel Lemon Tree ~ 1.5 yards (needed 1) $8.97
Total for those pj's = $12.47

Yellow Ladybugs from clearance at Hancocks ~ 1.5 yards (needed 2) $2.50 Comfy Double Napped Flannel Lime ~ 1.5 yards (needed 1) $8.97
Total for those pj's = $11.47

Squirrel Fabric:
Mother Nature Flannel Forest Friends Boy Blue ~ 3 yards (needed 2) $17.94
Total for those pj's = $17.94

In conclusion, I spent way too much on these pj's.  It was my own fault from my mistakes.
I spent $41.88; I should have spent $23.96 (which would have been $7.99 each pj).  Lesson learned. Buy more yardage right away.  I didn't guesstimate the right amounts.

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