Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Upcycle; Dad's old Tee turns into Son's favorite new sleep shorts!

Mr. T was getting a bit down that his sister was receiving all the fun sewing things.  I started making him flannel pj's for summer (shorts and short sleeves of course), but I started the project, and then stopped.  I seem to be doing that lately.  Maybe it's because my mind is everywhere this month.  With my husband's finals arriving he is stressed out and I'm in the middle of a very intensive class myself.  I'll be glad when the end of May comes and things settle into lazy summer days here at home.  This will be my first ever summer home with the kids!  I'm actually really excited and have some things planned already.  Anyway, back to the Upcycle.  My husband has two T-shirts that are really old and no longer fit.  They are so soft from being worn so much.  I thought it was a shame to throw them out but they had holes in the armpits.  Then I realized I could make a cute pair of shorts out of the shirts for Mr. T! He loves all things soft and fuzzy.
It was so slick and fast that I didn't realize how easy it would be!  I think I'll browse my husband's closet when he leaves today for some old shirts without his knowledge!!! shhhhh.
The XL Tee worked perfectly.  I laid the shirt out as below.

The pattern is from Simplicity 2046 and is just one piece.  I had  already made Mr. T's flannel shorts out of it and they fit him perfectly.  The pattern actually fit the XL Tee just right.  YAY!
So I cut out the pattern and whipped it up in about 45 minutes.  Mr. T wore them all night long.  He was loving them!!!

So Dad's old shirts have found new life in our house, which is pretty cool! (PS. Mr. T hardly ever wears a shirt.....).  I dig the contrasting white thread to the navy shirt too!

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