Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly Sewing Recap

I haven't posted daily this week of my projects because, well, I was busy sewing! :-)  Mix that in with my kids last week of school and things were crazy around here.  Mr. T has left with grandma and grandpa for three long weeks to be out west.  I know he is having fun but mom is sure missing him!  Miss K misses him too and she has been very clingy - and super full of energy.
So here is a bit of what I've been able to get done this week.

From the top: Skirt I made for myself from some amazing fabric I couldn't leave at Hobby Lobby!  Tunic dress for an 18 inch doll.  Mushroom, green and brown grocery bag holder.  2 skirts for an 18 inch doll.  I've also been working on my tank top pattern; it's coming along nicely and I have the muslin just about perfect.  I think I will sew it up tomorrow with my fabric and hopefully get it up on here.  (I also realized Miss K really needs PJ's so I'll be doing some of those next week).

I hope you all had a great sewing week!

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