Monday, June 18, 2012

This Week's List

Wow!  Another week come and gone; it went so quickly!  I really didn't get anything done last week with the rummage sale and family stuff.  Boo :(   I still have half the PJ's sitting on my ironing board.....  I also have a second Oliver + S dress almost done.  I'll finish that cutie up today.  I did cut the fabric for some amazing pillows for the living room and Miss K's room.  I also have another grocery bag holder cut up.

This week is a bit less busy so I can get a lot done! Miss K has one summer school class all week and dance one day, add in 2 chiropractor visits and that is it!!  So here is my ambitious list this week:

1. Finish second Oliver + S dress with these two cute patterns

2. Finish the 3 sets of PJ's

3. Sew four 2 more pillows for living room and 2 for Miss K's room

4. Finish up sewing owl stuffie and get a tutorial up.

5. Make View D on New Look 6871 (just picked up today)     

6. Make View  on New Look 6054 out of the cutest linen blend

7. Make Mr. T some upcycled tank tops out of Dad's old Tee's

I think that should do it for this week.  Let's see how many I can get done!  It is supposed to be super, super hot here all week so inside sewing and movies are where it's at in my house.  I hope you all can tackle your lists this week too!

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