Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekly To-Do List

Sigh.  Last week's list didn't get very completed!  I finished one thing.  That's it.  Oh well, sometimes things go that way.  I did get the 3 sets of Pj's cut and ready to go; however I found I didn't have enough fabric for the shorts so I am waiting for my order from to finish them.  I did get my Tropicana Maxi Skirt fabric on Thursday but was busy with other things.  So on to this week's list:

1. Finish the 3 sets of PJ's for Miss K and Mr. T (switching to 2 for K and 1 for T)
2. make the Tropicana Maxi Skirt (FREE download!) from Hot Patterns at
3. make another Oliver + S Ice Cream dress for Miss K from the adorable fabric that came today - very summery and little bugs :-)
4. Make some more lovely grocery bag holders for the Etsy shop
5. Make that darn tank top from pattern Butterick B4800 already!  It's 90 up here all week!

I think that list will do for me this week.  Miss K also starts her Tap/Dance class this week, summer school and swimming lessons start next week. I hope you all get what's on your To-Do list done this week!


  1. I hope you get everything on your list done! I'm working on a dress, so I'm hoping to get done or almost done with it. I also have a to do list of projects that I don't have fabric for yet. I need to get busy on that!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I seem to always have 2 "piles;" one of fabric I'm not sure what yet to do with, and the second of projects I don't yet have fabric for! They never seem to mesh up! Lol.
    Good luck on your dress! They can be challenging. :-)


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