Sunday, June 10, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencils ~ Step by Step

I love freezer paper stencils!  They are fun, easy, and a really cool way to get a design on something.  I especially like them because my kids whine for certain characters on their shirts and sometimes they are hard to find or too expensive.  Here is a step by step tutorial on how easy it is to do a freezer paper stencil.

What you will need:
Freezer paper
Xacto knife
Piece of something you want to make the stencil on
Paint brush
Fabric Paint (below is what I use)
Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint 2.25 Ounces

 printer and computer if you are not drawing your own stencil

Step 1: Find a stencil that you wish to use.  You can draw one yourself or find one on your computer.  My kids are in love with "The Regular Show" so I looked up Rigby and here is what I found:  
(I googled Rigby stencil).
Step 2: Cut a piece of your freezer paper to 8 1/2 x 11 inches and place in your printer.  All printers are different so you need to place it so that it will print on the paper side, not the shiny side; for me this is up.  Print the image on your paper

Step 3: Use the Xacto knife to cut out all the black parts.  Be very careful in the little tiny parts.  I left a bit more black in some of those teeny parts by his arm and eyes. 

Step 4: Get your fabric ready, I'll be using a T-shirt.  I ironed the front down nice so there were no bumps or wrinkles where my picture would go.  This is just a plain tee from Wal-Mart. 

 Step 5: Place your freezer paper, paper side up, on your fabric.  (now there is some debate on this step...)  I place my iron directly on my freezer paper because it sticks faster and better in my opinion.  I use it on the silk setting (or medium).  What I do is PRESS the iron down right on top of the paper in sections for 2-3 seconds and then lift up.  I do not move the iron back and forth - this may mess up your freezer paper.  
Continue pressing the paper down until it is all stuck.  (the other option is to place a cloth over the freezer paper and press on top of that with the iron, I found this did not stick my paper to the shirt).

 Step 6: ** Important ** place a piece of freezer paper on the backside so paint won't leak through.  For me this is inside the shirt and you want it shiny side up to the project.  Now I start painting the holes of the freezer paper with the fabric paint.  You want a nice coat, but not too thick.  

I use a cheap craft paint brush and some shiny brown fabric paint for $0.99 from Hobby Lobby.  Make sure it is "Fabric Paint"

Step 7: Wait for your paint to dry.  This took about 3-4 hours for my project. Last time it took longer so just check it with your finger.  A little bit of tack on the paint is ok as long as you are careful.  When the paint is dry, slowly peel off all the freezer paper from the fabric.  The small spots were fun to peel off..... the large pieces were fast and easy.  

Step 8: Ta Da!  Now you have a really cute *and cheap* design on a piece of fabric!  And it was fast too!

Here is another of our Freezer Stencil Projects: 

I completed Rigby in about 4 hours I'd say and then Miss K wore it to the carnival last night! It was a blast because it was not as hot at night and all the lights are magical! 

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