Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Older Makes I Still Love and Wear

Often times we like to focus on the new makes and patterns.  I enjoy looking at past makes, too.  I like to see what worked, what styles looked good, what colors work for me.  It helps me with future makes. 

Here are some of my makes 2015 and before that I still love and wear all the time.

old makes tilign bigger

Dec 2015: P4P Gray/Navy Elephant Relaxed Raglan
Mar 2015: Teal/Gray Bird Renfrew
Nov 2014: Gray Renfrew with Cowl
Dec 2014: Black Elephant Renfrew – one of my fav makes to date
My oldest make I still wear!!  Aug 2013: Jalie 2805 red cheetah t-shirt
Dec 2015: SUAT Merryweather L/S top in gray/black stripe
June 2015: New Look 6470 Gray mottled tank
Oct 2013: Ottobre 05/2013 #1A striped L/S top in teal/gray
Oct 2015: Burda 12/2009 #121 striped henley in navy/gray
May 2015: Jalie 3023 and 3351 Swimsuit in stripes
June 2015: New Look 6470, View B, Cowl tank in black; and New Look 6054, View A, Skirt in teal
Dec 2015: Burda Joggers in Navy 11/2012 #135
Dec 2015: Ottobre 05/2011 #5 Joggers in black and white lace print
July 2015: New Look 6470, View B, Cowl Tank in Gems
July 2015: Simplicity 1068 cheetah print skirt

More makes would have made this list, but my weight fluctuates so some are in storage being too small, or too big now.

What are some of the oldest makes you still love and wear? 


  1. It's great that you're still wearing clothes you sewed several years ago! That's the best kind of sewing, in my opinion: things that are worn regularly and for a long time. I'd be happy to wear almost everything I sewed in 2013 and 2014 but none of it fits anymore :(

    1. Thanks Masha! I agree. I also have lots of things I love that no longer fit. It always makes me sad.

  2. In 2016 I was good about reviewing older makes but not at all in 2017. I hope to do so this year!

    My oldest still regularly worn make is a M6519 top from April 2013.

    1. That's awesome Nakisha! I'd be interested to see what you still wear, you always make the cutest things!

  3. That's a great idea to show the older makes that are withstanding the test of time! Mostly for me those are the Jalie patterns. I tend to make a lot of repeats of those too.

    1. Thanks Shirley! It's funny to see what will last and what won't. I would have never thought I'd still be wearing the red animal print one because it's not my style, yet is a fav!


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