Saturday, December 5, 2015

Battle of the Raglans ~ P4P vs. Ottobre

Hello, Hello!  I took a ton of pictures today so I'll have lots to show you the next couple days. Let's start with my battle of the Raglans. 

I wanted to take 2 patterns for Raglan tops and make them both to compare them in fit and assembly.


The first one I made was the Patterns for Pirates ~ Raglan.  This pattern has so many great add-on's that I just had to buy it (during their sale of course).  There are options for: a hood; a cross over funnel hood; a funnel hood that is ruched, traditional, or buttoned up; Elbow patches; a kangaroo pocket; thumb hole cuffs;  long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves; curved hem, banded hem, regular hem; tunic length, regular length.... Oh the possibilities.  I just love that in a pattern. I’m not an affiliate and I wasn’t given the pattern free, I just like it a ton!


Plus, the PDF is no trim.  This means that if I print with a "boarder-less" setting on my printer I don't have to cut anything, just get right to taping up the pattern. I love that!  The sizing is also amazing in that it goes from XXS all the way up to XXXL.  The patterns are drafted for hourglass shapes.

Sizing: My measurements put me into a L for chest/waist, and XL for hips. However, according to comments on the Facebook page it was recommended to size down.  So I sewed up a M and then graded to a L at the hip. 

Instructions: amazingly detailed and very helpful.  Pictures are posted for each step.  I just keep my laptop up next to me in my sewing room while I sew.  


Fabric: 1 yard Navy Blue Jersey Knit, cotton/lycra.  I purchased it in June for $5.25 from; It is so super soft I would live in it if I could.  and a Fat Half of Gray Elephant Rayon Jersey knit purchased in June this year for $3.75 from Purpleseamstress.  This stuff is soft too, but on the light side.  Total for shirt: $9.00


Thoughts: I love it! I really love it.  The length is perfect, the sleeves are nice and a tad long – which is great in the cold because I can pull the cuffs down over my hands. The neckline is perfect.  I think the sleeves are a tad big, but that is easy to fix for next time.  This is a Winner in my book; plus, think of all the options with the pattern!
Next up is Ottobre 05/2011 #4 ~ Everyday Scoop Neck Raglan T-Shirt
The pattern is for a long sleeved raglan with sleeve cuffs and hip band.  No options come with this one.  Just a nice simple shirt.


Sizing: I made this according to my measurements; I also measured the flat pattern to make sure they would work.  I sewed a 42 for the shoulders and waist; and a 44 for the bust and hip. The pattern goes from size 34 to 52.


Instructions: normal Ottobre; sufficient in information but no pictures to help you along the way.  No hand-holding.

Fabric: 1 yard black cotton lycra knit 7oz purchased in Nov. from Stylish fabrics for $4.90; Fat Half of White/Black Lace Print cotton lycra knit purchased in Nov. from Fashion Fabrics Club for $2.63.  Total for the shirt: $7.53.


Thoughts: I’m not digging this top as much.  I love the fabric for sure, but the fit of this one is different.  The neckline is way to wide/low for me.  It ended up too short for my liking, plus the sleeve cuffs are too big, they aren’t tight enough on my wrists.  I had the hem band on but it was terrible and too big for the bottom so I had to chop it off (no unpicking that for me) and sew a tiny 1/2” hem.  Now it’s too short.  I will remake this raglan with the same fabric but use the P4P pattern.  (am I crazy? lol. yes, I am.)

here is with the hem band on. See how it swings out in front? ick.
The Ottobre Raglan isn’t bad, it just does not fit me comfortably like the patterns for pirates one.  Plus it does not include all those fun options.  I think if the bands on the cuffs and hem were a good 2 inches tighter, the top would fit better.
~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Wow, I never even heard of Patterns for Pirates! Will have to look that up, as that pattern sounds amazing. I don't know what it is with raglans, but the fit can be so different! I usually love raglans, but when I made the Hey Jude pattern (I forget the name) the fit in the shoulders was terrible on me. The Grainline Linden fits me great though. I wish I understood how to fit raglans well enough to be able to choose a pattern based on that knowledge.

    1. Thanks Gail! I, too wish I knew how to fit raglan's better. They are an odd sort to fit because of the sleeve shape. I'm glad you found one that works for you though! I just love the style of them.

  2. It was so neat to see your post in the P4P group--I'm used to seeing you on your blog so the FB appearance was nice, and a good reminder that I'm behind on my reading :) I like the first raglan on you better as well and am interested to see the second one if you remake it, as I have some of that lace-look knit also (I purchase from Denver fabrics, but I believe they're the same as FFC)

    1. Thanks Angie! I was super excited to "see" you too! I have my second one made up but this rain needs to go away so I can photograph. lol. Yes, Denver fabrics is the same as FFC. Don't you just love their prices!

  3. That top tee is awesome on you, thank you for an honest review. I think you have sold that one to me!
    xx N


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