Monday, August 5, 2013

My new favorite tee ~ Jalie 2805

I actually made something for myself! Can you believe it?  It seems I get sucked into making kids clothes more and more and less things for me.  I need to change that.

Wednesday K had dance "in town" which allowed T and I to meander around for an hour until she was done.  T just had to go to the fabric store.... LOL, kidding.  It is probably an 11 year old boy's least favorite store.  Anyway I conned him into going in with me.

I found a few cute knits on a table in the back for only $3.99/yard.  They had a truck bring them in I guess, leftovers from some warehouse.  T actually did pick out a really cute stripe and a very soft blue.  I picked out a gray/blue stripe but it ended up not being enough yardage for the maxi dress I wanted.  So I ended up with a yard of this amazing, soft, drapey, wild knit.

I love it to pieces! I'm not even sure why.  This is so not me and really wild when I usually wear plain. It is a mystery knit but I think it has some rayon in it.  It is super duper soft and has a bit of a sheen to it, just a bit.  I would say it has about 50% stretch to it.  I knew right away that I wanted to make Jalie 2805 with it.  The shirt only used 3/4 of the yard. Yay for a $3 shirt that I LOVE!

My measurements are 36-29-42 (yikes I put that on here).  This puts me in sizes U (8), T (7), and X (11). However, since the fit was super tight on K I went a bit larger with my size.  I ended up tracing out a V (9) for the top and waist and sloping out to a W (10) for the hips.

I went with View A, cap sleeve, normal neck.  I made the binding an inch shorter than the pattern stated because it was a bit loose with K's second shirt.  I actually sewed both shoulders and attached the neck binding in the round using this tutorial.  I used twill tape in shoulder seams to add strength.  Then I sewed both sleeves in and side seams.  I sewed a small zig-zag over the serging in the armpits to reinforce them.  I used a double needle for the bottom hem with wonder tape.  For the cap sleeve hem I used wonder tape and 1/4" fold once with a single needle sewn hem.

Changes I will make for next time:
* Size down to U(8) in bust as I measure, taper in on the waist to a size T (7) and then slope out to a W (10) for the hips.
* Slant out an inch of the back neckline like in this tutorial to remove the back neck gaping.
* Make cap sleeves 1/2" longer so I can fold them up 1/2" and use a double needle hem.

I absolutely love this shirt. It is very comfortable and I've been wearing it a lot since making it Friday.  The cap sleeves are just a tad too short for me and the back neck gapes a little; however, most my RTW shirts gape in the back neck. The shirt is loose on me especially under the bust and through the waist but it is nice to have a loose shirt - not all of mine have to be slim fitting.  I should probably address the swayback issue and pooling in the back because of it but I just don't mind it.  Even with these things I love it, love it, love it!  I can't wait to make some more as well as some in the different variations!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. This is a really great basic - I think the red is nice and not wild. I know what you mean about wearing basics (that's me!) but I've definitely branched out a lot since I really started sewing for myself - both in colors and styles.

    I'm probably in the minority in blogland, but I feel no need to address pooling in the back (unless it's in a dressy garment). It just doesn't feel unattractive like some other wrinkles do.

    1. Thanks Joy! I'm glad I'm not alone with the pooling. I actually sometimes like it because when I'm stooped over nothing shows ;-)

  2. Came over here from PatternReview and so glad I did. I was debating on weather to buy yet another top pattern and now I will. So many sew just for kids so hard to find good adult reviews. Your top looks awesome! Great job. Thanks for the info.

    1. Aw, Thanks DonnaRae! Your comment made my day :)

      While I do sew for the kids, I need to sew for myself more! Thanks and yes, it is a stellar pattern!

  3. I love this top! The color looks great on you and isn't too wild at all. You're really inspiring me to sew more for myself!

    1. Thanks Angie! I'm wearing it right now, actually! lol. It gets tons of use.


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