Monday, July 27, 2015

New Look and Simplicity


I made at least one thing on my summer list!  I’ve hoarded had this fabric since I fell in love with it May of 2014.  I wanted to wait for the perfect top to use it for.  I only had 1 yard.  Well, this New Look top is pretty much my favorite pattern ever.  I made it last summer in a purple matte, a blue floral; this year in a solid black, and now with this jewel fabric.  I can’t get enough of it! 

New Look 6470 View B


Adjustments and Size: 14 for shoulder and high bust, 16 at waist/hip; I took 3/4” out of the back neck in a slant to 0” at the bottom.  This accounts for 1.5” total out of the back neck. I added 1" to the hem as well.

2all the stuff 048

As with my solid black version, I wanted to have the front part of the cowl lined with the entire shirt (because I hate cowl linings flipping out).  I only had a yard of this so I made the bodice front, cowl, and cowl lining down to the underbust line with the jewel fabric (all in one piece), and then attached some of the leftover black fabric from the solid top at that underbust line – making the bodice all lined.  It worked out great.

1fixedall the stuff 032

Fabric: 1 yard, “Brazil Knit Print” from Michael Levine, Inc. ( purchased May 2014 for $12. It is a poly spandex blend ITY.  Very soft.

3all the stuff 058

Thoughts: Um, I love, love, love it!!  It exceeded my expectations.  I plan on making a cardigan to go over it in the fall/winter – fabric and pattern already bought. 

4all the stuff 060

This top is navy and not black like I first thought so I wanted some navy pants to go with it. 

Simplicity 1283  – Mimi G Style


These pants are supposed to fit a pear shape well (according to the reviews on  So I took a chance.

5all the stuff 063

Size: My measurements would put me in a 16 waist/ 20 hip.  I looked at the ease and decided to go with an 18 at the waist and 20 everywhere else. 

7all the stuff 069

Adjustments:  I measured the flat pattern for hip/thigh/waist size as well as crotch height/rise.  I decided 2” of negative ease would be ideal.  The hip only measured 39” even though the pattern states it measures 43.5”.  This meant I had to add 1.5” to the hip (equaling 3/16” to each hip edge).  I had to shorten the pants by 1” because they were so long.  I also took a whole THREE inches off the crotch height!!  When I held the pattern up to me, the pants came up to my under bust before the waistband was even added! Wowza.  That is why I shorted the crotch height.  They still come up to my belly button. Anyway, this meant my front dart was no longer needed and my back darts were shortened.  I was not going to sew a zipper into knit pants so I omitted that.  I cut the waistband  on the cross grain instead of the straight of grain like the pattern wanted.  I added 1” elastic to the waistband and sewed it on in the round, like I would on any knit pants.  This worked out great.

8all the stuff 076

Fabric: 2 yards Navy Blue Double Knit, 98% Polyester 2% Lycra. Purchased February 2015 from fashionfabricsclub for $9.90 total. 

9all the stuff 090

Thoughts:  The pants are comfortable in fit.  The fabric is a bit scratchy to wear.  It makes a swoosh-swoosh sound when I walk so……  I’m not sure how much I will wear them.  They look great with my top though so who knows!  I like the pattern enough, it has potential – I just need to buy softer fabric and try it again. As you can see below, I need to address the center back as well, it dips there and is loose.

10all the stuff 091


  1. The whole outfit looks great. It's a shame about the pants fabric, because you have achieved an excellent fit x

    1. Thank you Philippa! At least the fabric was inexpensive, still it drives me nuts when things don't work lol

  2. Wow! This looks fantastic together! This pants pattern caught my eye as well. Yikes...a lot of work to get the fabulous fit, but I will give it a try because it looks well worth the trouble. I have never made crotch adjustments before so I may be seeking out your help on this one! Lol.

    1. Thank you Shirley! It was a decent amount of work, lol. I was scratching my head on if I should take 3" off the crotch height but in the end I just went with it. Feel free to ask me anytime - I have tons of reading material on the subject hahahaha

  3. I love the jewel tones top fabric.

  4. Pretty outfit! You're really tempting me to pull out that New Look pattern to make this top.

  5. wonderful choice of pattern for that beautiful fabric. love the outfit

  6. Fantastic!! Love the fabric and the outfit is perfect on you.


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