Thursday, January 18, 2018

TNT Renfrew and Love Notions Rhapsody Blouse

These are the first makes of the year!  Well, kind of.  These are the first two I can show you, because I’ve been doing a bit of pattern testing.  Plus the Love Notions blouse has been finished a long time now I just never got pictures. Let’s start with the Renfrew.

Sewaholic ~ Renfrew 1201

renfrew blue real main

This is the 7th one I have made.  It is now a TNT (tried and true) pattern for me.  I have my alterations and fit worked out so it is a fast and usually successful sew. I felt like starting the year with something I knew would turn out well;  A confidence boost of sorts.

renfrew blue 1

Here are the other times I’ve made this top:
1. Elephants  2. birds  3. Gray  4. Skater Mashup  5. Sweetheart Mashup 6. Navy Long sleeve
Size: 8 for shoulders and bust, 10 for waist, 12 for hips. This is 2 sizes smaller than my measurements for the shoulders/bust and one size smaller for the waist hips.  I find the Renfrew to fit very well but the pattern runs just 1 or 2 sizes big.   1/2" forward shoulder adjustment

renfrew blue 3

Fabric: 1 yard Aqua floral feathered arrows - Poly Rayon Spandex French Terry -$8.99; purchased in Oct 2017.  I picked this up from So Sew English.  It came snagged, cut weird, and dirty.  The fabric is so pretty, so I was sad.  But I used it anyway.  By the way, this is the third French terry in that order and they were all snagged on both side as well as off grain, super thin, and dirty.  No more ordering from them for me. 

renfrew blue 2

Thoughts: Love it!  I love the fabric print, despite the issues in quality.  It is soft, wears and washes well.  The fit is spot on for me.  I used a lovely wide cover stitch to topstitch the neck and also for the sleeve hems and hem.  I chose not to do cuffs on the sleeves because they bug me and make my arms look chunkier.  I did leave the band on the bottom because I like that part.  It is a bit thicker with the double fabric on the hem band and my shirt stays in place better.  I’m sure I’ll make more of these in the future.

renfrew blue close
renfrew blue neck

Love Notions ~ Rhapsody Blouse

When I saw this pattern come out I just had to have it. 

fish 1

Size: Straight size Medium with 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment. My High bust and waist fit into a M. my hips into a L but since this top is flowy I figured there would be room enough for my hips.  
There are lots of different sleeve options for this top.  I chose to do the sleeveless view. The only “hard” part about sewing this was attaching that bias tape to the V-neck part on the front.  It went alright, but was a bit tricky.

fish 2

Fabric: Awesome Aqua Blue Fish print from FabricMart.  It is 100% rayon and so soft with excellent drape.  I grabbed 4 yards of it when it was on sale for $4.80/yard.  This top uses 1 yard (yay for 1 yard wonders!), but also some for the self made bias tape.  I would guess 1.5 yards? 

fish dislike

Thoughts:  I like this top.  I like the pattern.  I usually don’t wear wovens but I can see this being a great top in summer.  When it’s cold I can just throw on a cardi over it and it works great.  What I am not sure about is the armscye.  It is just a bit tight;.  Not all around, but just in the front here where I’m grabbing. Also, there is a bit too much flare in the hip – it shoots out sort of awkwardly where the bottom arrows are. Perhaps next time I will straighten out that flare and make a more casual shift to the hips.  Overall I am very happy with this top and will most likely make another.

fish 4

The pattern is written well.  The instructions are excellent.  Everything is very put together and professional.  There are finished measurements included.   I would highly recommend this pattern. The best part is the no trim pages and layers on the PDF. 

fish 5

fish 6


Happy Sewing!


  1. First off, these are beautiful pictures :) Now I have to buy the Rhapsody blouse. It is so pretty and I love the fabric. One yard of fabric? Wow, that's awesome and even more reason to have it now! I love the Renfrew top too. I make it and then I file the pattern away and completely forget about how much I love it until I see someone else make it and it reminds me to pull it out.

    1. Thank you Shirley! I know you will love the blouse, it's right up your alley :D


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