Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jalie Swimsuits

To combat my lack of sewing mojo I jumped back in with swimsuits.  We have a 15' pool that we put up in the summer (my muscles and joints love it!) so I figured we would need more suits than just 1 each.  Plus, the local pool was rebuilt with a fun waterpark type theme and I know the kids will want to spend lots of time there this summer too.

Top: Jalie 3023
T for the shoulders, U for the bust/waist, and W for the hips.  These are one step up from my measurements.  This is the same I used in February for my other suit I made. The fit is still great even tough I've gained weight.
I added clear elastic to the top band. I didn't' have issue with it gaping on the other one but I haven't tested it in the water yet, but just to be safe that this one won't gape at all :-)

Shorts: Jalie 3351
V at the waist to a Z at the hip (one size up from my measurements also)
This time I was able to sew the brief correctly into the shorts so no seam is by the waist. Thanks Shirley for those awesome directions!!

Fabric: Pink/Navy Lycra stripe swim knit I picked up from fabricstalkers on facebook for only $3 for the yard.  I am smitten with this fabric!!  The white is White Activewear.  It has a soft brushed surface on the backside and wow. I wish I had more of this.  It is so soft. I used up my last scraps to finish this suit.

Insides, see! no seam!

Top insides include a nice shelf bra

I love these patterns - they are true winners.

I made another set up for K because her other ones ended up tight. So I made these bigger and they are a tad loose. LOL.  I'm done with suits for a bit now so she will just have to make due!
 Floral is "Italian Swimwear Print - Neon Multi" and is nylon/spandex.  .
Teal paired with floral is: "Teal Green Activewear" and is nylon/lycra. It is thin and really slippery, plus it is very stretchy. I would use it more for dance and not so much for swim; it was a pain to sew.  I used up the very last bits of both these fabrics.

I'm working on shorts right now: traced, muslin, adjusted, sewn, adjusted, wore. re-traced, re-adjusted... lol.  I'm getting there. ;-)

Here's a side by side of Feb to now to show my weight change. Small changes, but they do make a difference

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. I love it!!!! $3 a yard? I'm jealous! After posting, I'm looking them up on Facebook! This turned out so nice. You make me want to make another bathing that fabric! ha ha

    1. lol, it was a flash sale sort of thing. Sadly I got the last yard of this, though it would be awesome if you could find a yard. It's really great stuff! I never would have thought swim suits would be so easy and fast to sew!! Thanks Shirley!


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