Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sewing for small ones

My nephew and niece were at my mom’s last weekend soI sneaked in some measurements.  Then I came home and ambitiously cut out quite a few things to sew for them. 

I have no little beings to sew for besides them and it is such a fun and quick process.  I was able to use scraps for all these!  Scraps!  So rewarding.

First up: Aurora by SUAT
I know you’ve seen these cute dresses on Miss K recently when I tested the pattern; it goes together so qucikly and is so cute so I popped out a size 3mo on the height and 12 mo. on the width for my 8mo old niece.  These are knee length.  Gah they are so cute!



Next I made two tanks for my nephew.  The left one is Ottobre 03/2011 #12 “Happy Animals T-shirt” in size 98cm (he’s 3).  In the magazine there is an infant in this tank and a older kid size; however the toddler size is a T-shirt so I compared it to the largest infant size and modified it to a tank.  I added his nickname of “little bear” to the shirt.

The one on the right is Ottobre 01/2013 #15 “Victor Mesh Tank Top” also in a size 98cm.  I added the paw patrol graphic to the front with my silhouette and heat transfer vinyl.  It turned out way better than I expected. This is his favorite character so he was happy to see it. (I made this tank for Mr. T before in Feb 2013).



I’ve made the above tank 7 times before in the older kid size for for Mr. T
The first time in pirate – fun fact, I just took this away  because it’s so small now on him, March 2013
An upcycle blue stripe that he still wears for bed, may 2013
More upcycling with Hurley, Blizzard, and Pokemon– too small now & were donated, May 2013
And Orange stripe and monsters – which he still wears, June 2014

Finally, I made my niece this outfit.  The top is Ottobre 03/2011 #6 “Diamond Deer Sleeveless Jersey Top” in size 56cm height, 74cm width. 

The shorts are Ottobre 03/2011 #5 “Bubble Stripes Jersey Shorts” in the same 56cm height, 74cm width. 

My binder attachment for my coverstitch made sewing these pretty fast.  However, they did take me all day because I had to design, cut, apply the vinyl as well as cut and sew them all. 

I sure hope they enjoy them!

Happy Sewing!



  1. These are all so cute! Much cuter than the stuff I made for my little ones from the Big 4 patterns LOL. Back then I didn't know about Indie patterns, but I'm not sure if they were really available then either. Seems kind of like a recent boom. I love how you put "baby girl" on the one dress. What an awesome baby shower gift that would be.

    1. LOL you don't want to see what I tried to make for poor Mr. T 13 years ago. Big 4 just don't get it do they? Thanks Shirley!


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