Thursday, May 2, 2013

Upcycle ~ Grandpa's "Golf" Shirt to Kids Tank Top

The past week and a half has been crazy, stressful, and enlightening.  Crazy because we are leaving for Florida in a short bit here for vacation.  Stressful because I had finals week for school and this class was a nightmare ~ it ended today thankfully.  And enlightening because I've been terribly ill for the last 4 1/2 years with no answers and I received some answers yesterday.
Whew! What a ride!

I didn't sew in this last 1.5 week span but I sure thought about it!  It seems I dream about sewing and it consumes my daytime thoughts as well.  I walked into my sewing room a few times just to browse and feel the fabric; I also browsed my patterns and Ottobre magazines.  These things comfort me.

My mom gave me some clothes to take to Goodwill this week and I snatched up a few things to re-purpose.  Here is a shirt that Grandpa no longer wants for some reason or another.  I decided to mesh together the Zen T-shirt pattern from Ottobre 6/2011 and the Tools Tank from Ottobre 03/2011 to turn the Grandpa shirt into a Tank for Mr. T.

before                                            after front                         after back
 I saved the bottom hem so I didn't have to resew that.  It is a little longer in the back than in the front because of the original shirt design.

I also used two different ribbing techniques to see what I liked better.  The ribbing on the left is the bias method.  I sew it onto the right side and then flip over itself, turn it up and top-stitch.  The ribbing on the right I fold in half then sew right sides together, serge, then flip, press, and sew the serge edge down.  I think I like the looks of the ribbing on the right and it is a bit faster/easier.
That's all I've really be up to.  Countdown to vacation begin!

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~


  1. Hey I came across your blog whilst looking for tracing paper. Have you seen on You Tube a new British show called 'The Great British Sewing Bee' it's a BBC show about amateur sewers. I think you'll enjoy it.

    1. I haven't had the chance to see the show but I've heard about it :D I'll have to take some time to check it out. Thanks!


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