Saturday, May 4, 2013

Upcycle ~ 3 Adult T-Shirts to Kids Tanks

As I mentioned the other day, we are vacationing soon.  Mr. T had only 1 tank top to wear in the warm place we are heading.  I looked in the stores and wasn't satisfied with what I saw, plus the price was $15 per tank!

I had saved these T-shirts to upcycle and tanks seemed like the perfect thing.
I used the "Tools" tank pattern from Ottobre 03/2011 (#33); I went with a size 146 - T is skinny and wears a 10 in RTW.  I modified the straps to be straight and not envelope. I whipped up 3 of these puppies for a few cents in thread and ribbing.  I saved us $45 and Mr. T is super happy with all 3 tanks.  I especially love the Pokemon one!

Tank 1:
My old Green Hurley shirt that became way too big for me.

Tank 2:
Hubby's old World of Warcraft shirt that had un-fixable holes in the armpits. (I even managed to save the Blizzard symbol on the back!)

Tank 3:
So I forgot to take a picture of the before shirt :(  It was a plain blue long sleeve shirt that is way too big for me now). I cut a square of the Pokemon Ash and Pikachu from T's old Pajama shirt that is too small now.  I attached it to the front with fusible tape and zigzagged around the edges.

I'm so happy with how all 3 turned out!  They are "school worthy" and ready for our vacation!

Here is all 3:

And T in action:

I must say, this pattern is one of my favorites now.  It is fast to sew, fits really well, and looks RTW.

~ Happy Sewing! ~ Kristin ~

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  1. I think these are not T Shirts but these are called as inner.T shirts must be in "T" shapes.


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